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Would you rather... 2

All right, day 2!

Which One?
  • In Knife Party, face a Combat Yo-yo.
  • In Knife Party, face a Storm Hammer/Electrosphere.
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Would you rather...

This is a semi-daily thread where I list 2 things in Pixel Gun 3D and you choose which one you would rather have happen. Now, let’s begin!

Which one?
  • Face a whole team of Mega Gun Spammers
  • Face a whole team of Soulstone Spammers
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What makes Pixel Gun 3D laggy?

  • Battle royale animations are added on any modes
  • Battle royale Avatars and Hats can equiped in any modes
  • The Hacker makes the game laggy
  • Recording may makes the game laggy
  • Syncing data making lag because it will loads your saved progess
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Nerf O.P. Weapons

Which O.P. Weapons should Rilisoft nerf? I've gathered a list of weapons I think are overpowered (MY OPINION), and could possibly be weakened in future updates. (Try not to be biased and be against the nerf of a weapon you have). Leave any other weapons you think are O.P. in the comments

Nerf which one?
  • Coin Bought (Minigun Shotgun, One Shot, Piranha, Dead Star, Lzr Bncr)
  • Laser Weapons (Thunderer, Anti-Champion, Reflector etc.)
  • Area Damage Heavys (Big Buddy, Solar Power Cannon, Eraser etc.)
  • Other Area Damage Weapons (Pirmarys, Back Ups, Snipers)
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Craft Weapons

Do you guys think that it's annoying how Rilisoft adds a Lottery/Event for Crafting weapons and special wear, and when it ends, the parts you earned are basically pointless? And then the only way to get the weapon is if you buy parts (overpriced), or you spin your heart out with the lucky chest.

If you think they should bring back a Craft Lottery/Event which one should it be?

Which Craft Lottery/Event should they bring back?
  • Cyber Santa
  • Exoskeletons
  • Exo Pilot
  • Sniper
  • Royal
  • Time Traveler
  • Halloween (The next year)
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About Ritual Revolvers Wiki

I'll read how to using Ritual Revolvers in this wiki (Its about Strategy, Supported maps, and Trivias) but, its nothing. Someone please reply this whats the strategy, supported maps and trivia from Ritual Revolvers weapon? Please reply if you can
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Select this, where's good primary weapon with poison damage?

  • Poisonous Vine
  • Black Mamba
  • Poison Spell
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Adamant Laser Cannon or Undertaker?

Welp, here is where imma gonna need more help.

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Storm Hammer or Pirannah?

Which should I get? I am at level 27 and need help deciding. I have currently OxBadcode for my Heavy and Elder Force Saber for my Melee. Plz help!

Storm or Pirannah?
  • Storm Hammer!
  • Pirannah!
  • Keep what you have!
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at Battle Royale and is trash at everything else.


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What is for noobs?

  • Supercharge rifle/elektroblastrifle
  • Megagun/sub zero
  • Soulstone/ghostlantern
  • Adamantbomber/toybomber
  • Kaboom/slyadventure
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How Do I Use These Two Weapons I Just Bought?

I recently bought the Astral Bow and the Manga gun. I prefer charge weapons and weapons with the wall break attribute because I mix it with with the third eye so I can shoot from behind a wall while still knowing where my target is. How could I use these? Thanks!
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Rate My Loadout

Excalibur (Heavy damage, finishing off players)

Cyber Revolver (Back up for finishing off players)

Power Fists (Heavy Intimidation)

Laser Bouncer (2 cat spam)

Third eye (2 cat spam)

Killer whale (Rocket Jump)

8-30 kills one match

Rate it:
  • Nice
  • Fix it
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