The Alien is an enemy found in the Pixelated World level Area 52. It also had three advanced versions found in Crossed Worlds at the Space Station. There it will be wearing spacesuits while holding weapons. These weapons seem to be the 0xbadc0de, the Dark Force Saber, and the Alien Gun. It also has an armed version where they are holding the Alien Gun in Area 52.


This is a small alien with 2 big blue tinted eyes, green skin and a head that is a little wider than the body.


The Alien will run at the player, covering the ground very fast. When near, it will raise its arms to a 90 degree angle. Once that happens and the player is touching it, damage will be dealt. Some aliens are armed with Alien Guns. The ones armed walk much slower than the unarmed alien.


Both, the unarmed alien and the armed aliens share the same statistics.

Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy 50Heart new 50-100Heart new Fast
Medium 50Heart new 100Heart new Fast
Hard 50-100Heart new 100-300Heart new Fast


  • The more advanced version of it, Space Alien are found in the Space Station in campaign mode.
  • When the Alien shoots at you he shoots a form of energy instead of a bullet.
  • In a room in Area 52, you can find a morgue of dead aliens.
  • In the 10.0.0 update, some aliens can now use the Alien Gun.
  • In the 10.1.0 update, there is now a skin similar to it and it is called the Big Alien.
  • Both the armed and the unarmed aliens possess the same statistics.


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