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The Alien Blaster Up2 is a back-up weapon introduced in the 10.1.0 update. It's the third and final form of the Alien Blaster.


It is similar to the Alien Rifle, but it has a moving unreal scope. It's magazine, which is a bright blue and blackish box, is on the back of the pistol.


With high damage, moderate rate of fire, medium capacity, and high mobility, some would say this is like a fast-firing Prototype Up2.


  • Try to use this weapon's high mobility to its advantage by strafing and jumping.
  • Use this weapon for any range, but in closer range it's more powerful.


  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Use an area damage weapon in close range to knock off the user's aim.


  • This and the other alien weapons, along with Hydra and Bass Cannon, when moving, a part of the gun move around, with the Hydra's three heads moving, Bass Cannon's disk playing arm moving, and the alien weapons' unfunctionable scopes expanding and back.
  • This weapon, along with many others, had "merged" upgrades in the 11.0.0 update, also changing the merged cost from 270Gem to 90Gem.
  • In an update, this weapon has been nerfed, resulting in a much higher recoil per shot.

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