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The weapon being used to shoot a Walking Bear.

The Anti-Champion Rifle is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 13.2.0 update.


It is a reskinned version of the Anti-Hero Rifle with Champion Armor-style colors.


It has an astronomically high amount of damage, low capacity, and an average mobility. It is capable of a 1 shot body shot kill of a champion armored player.


  • One hit in the chest will be able to kill an max-armoured player in the latest 13.5.0 update, due to certain buffs to this weapon.
  • Use this similarly to the Anti-Hero Rifle.
  • Aim for the head for a guaranteed kill. Body shots also work, however, it will give you less points than a headshot kill.
  • Use this like any wall-break sniper, it works exactly the same. If you happen to spot a name tag from behind a wall, then try aiming directly below the name tag. With enough skill and practice, you can easily headshot the players and kill them though the wall.
  • Use the rifles 10x zoom in map's such as Ant's Life to maximize the gun's lethality and accuracy.
  • Remember that you can shoot through walls. If you see an opponent’s name, shoot just below it, and you should hit their head through the wall.
  • In Flag Capture, if the other team happens to have taken your flag, aim a bit lower for the flag for a chance to kill the flag-bearer, saving the flag temporarily and getting you extra points.
  • In Sniper Forts, this is capable of a 1 shot body kill, maxed out.
  • If upgraded enough, it can be capable of killing someone with one headshot.


  • Try strafing around the user with a high fire rate weapon.
  • Try to catch its users off guard with a melee weapon.
  • Use area damage weapons.
  • Sneak up on them using the Sword of Shadows or the Stealth Bracelet, then attack.


Champion themed.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

  • Carry a high mobility weapon.
  • Pair this weapon up with 1 shot 1 kill weapons such as the Thunderer or Reflector to initiate the infamous three-category spam.
  • Carry a good Melee and Backup weapon to use at close range. Examples include the Laser Revolver and Mountain Wolf, along with Dark Force Saber and Chip Sword.
  • A fast firing weapon or two if someone tries to execute an ambush.


  • It is one of the champion themed re-skins released in the 13.2.0 update. The other champion themed weapons are Champion Peacemaker, Champion Mercenary, Champion Electric Arc and Champion Solar Cannon.
  • This, One Shot, and Prototype S are very powerful Snipers in the game, being able to one shot bodyshot with help from the Burning Tiara.
  • This weapon is the only champion-themed weapon to not start with “Champion”.
  • Despite listing as Mythical, it's common weapon that many people use it, similar to Anti-Hero Rifle.
  • It's weird how this is a champion weapon since its name is "Anti"-Champion Rifle. As if it is used against champion league players or champion themed guns players.
    • Though it's designed to eliminate Champion Armor players in one-two shot.
  • In the 15.1.0 update, this along with the Prototype S and other sniper guns were all reduced to 2 shot kill for fair gameplay.