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Screenshot 2015-07-30-23-26-43

The Armageddon Up2 in use.

Screenshot 2015-07-30-23-26-46

The 4X scope of the Armageddon Up2.

The Armageddon Up2 is a weapon that can be found in the Heavy section of the Armory. It was introduced in the 9.0.0 update. It is the second and final upgrade of the Armageddon.


It is a red and grey rocket launcher with a red body, a checkered-colored ring, a black handle with a grey trigger, and dark grey tubes in the rear of the weapon. It also has a 4x scope and an area damage effect.


It has strong damage, a good rate of fire, an extremely low capacity, and good mobility.


  • Although the Armageddon may not be able to do massive damage or high rocket jumps if it is fully upgraded it can be a decent weapon.
  • It can be used for rocket-jumping and reaching to a higher area than other enemies improves stealth and hidden attacks. Therefore, you may wish to rocket-jump and then pull out another weapon.
    • However, be careful as to not inflict self-explosion damage.
  • Its rockets have the area damage effect, so taking out a group or team of enemies makes the weapon's rockets more effective when used.
  • Try to aim at the ground near enemies so they can't easily avoid the rockets.
  • Enemies can easily see the rockets at long range, so fire the rockets unexpectedly to give them a hard time avoiding the rockets, or sneak attack them from behind.


  • Run away from the enemy while shooting them to ensure they don't give chase.
  • Move quickly around the enemy while strafing them.
  • Before the next shot, try to deal as much damage to the enemy as you can during their reload.


N/A (Final upgrade)


Incendiary Themed

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Have a weapon used in medium to long ranges and does not have a bullet travel time.


  • It is based on the real world M202 Flame Assault Shoulder American rocket launcher.
  • Its first version was the second and final upgrade of the Apocalypse, but it became an individual weapon in the 8.2.1 update.
  • The green skinned version of this gun was called the Missile Thrower (PG3D), and the clan-built version the Hurricane.
  • In the new 13.5.0 update, previous owners of this weapon will see that the combat level has been improved to 13 with an efficiency of 27.