Both PG
This content is available in both Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World! If this is a game content, its counterpart is described in another article!
Both PG
This article describes a Pixel Gun World content. If you are looking for the same content in Pixel Gun 3D, see Armory (PG3D).

The Shop icon.

The Shop (also called the Armory) is a feature in Pixel Gun World which consists of a wide variety of content that can be bought by using PGW Coin, including weapons, armor and others.



It is a yellow rectangle written "SHOP" in black on the left of one part on the rectangle. On the left of the entire rectangle, there is a green open bag that exposes Ammo pick-ups.

When you hover the cursor to the button, a part of the Ammo pick-ups go inside the bag.



The Armory/Shop when opened.

The Armory displays a wide variety of content and their sections. It also displays the background and your character, holding a weapon and/or wearing something. Under the character, there is your current weapon loadout. It also indicates the current level of the character on the top of your character.

On the top of the Armory screen, there are three buttons/icons:

  • The back button: It is a red button, written "BACK" in white, and it is used to exit the Armory.
  • The Shop icon: It is a yellow icon, written "SHOP" in black.
  • The currency button: It is a yellow button, written the current value of coins in black, and the coins icon, drawn as a yellow circle, located at the left of the button. There is a smaller orange button, used for buying more coins.

All sections have their names written in black. The first section has a blue background, the second is green-blue, the third is green and the fourth is yellow. The logo of the first section is a yellow badge with a red ribbon and a red exclamation mark. The logo of the second section is the Guerrilla Rifle and the Apocalypse Up1, placed together, vertically. The logo of the third section has Golden Armor Up2 and Diamond Helmet Up1, which are both some exclusive armor to Pixel Gun 3D. The logo of the last section is Newbie being somewhat painted in yellow.

A cosmetic horizontal bar has the color of the selected section background. The menu background is transparent.

Under the bar, in the first section, it says its section name, written in yellow. The second section has 6 sub-sections, which turn yellow (background) and black (text) when selected. The third section has 4 sub-sections. Like the sub-sections of the second section, these sub-sections turn yellow (background) and black (text) when selected. The last section has 2 sub-sections. Like the sub-sections of the second and the third sections, these sub-sections turn yellow (background) and black (text) when selected.

The background of an icon of a weapon or a wearable item is normally transparent. The text appears in white, but turns green when selected, and black when equipped. When an icon is selected, the borders and the buy button turn green to non-owned content. When an icon is selected, the borders and the equip button turn green to owned content. When an icon has an equipped item, the borders turn yellow, and the text turns black. On normal icons, it displays the cost of a non-owned content, and it displays a word, which says "BOUGHT", written in blue for owned content. An orange tag with "NEW", written in white, appears for new content, and a yellow tag with "EVENT", written in white and the time until it gets temporarily removed, appears for event content.

At the bottom of the menu, there is a Comparison feature. Click on the link for the full article of the feature.


The Shop has 4 sections:

  • The Best of the Best section, which consists of powerful weapons, powerful wear, event wear and event weapons.
  • The Armor (Wear) section, which consists of various accessories and armor for boosting gameplay, which are mainly used to show off in a match. It contains 4 equipment slots:

For the link to Hats, Capes and Boots in one category, see Accessories.

  • The Skins section, which consists of various pre-made skins and a skin creator. You can only equip one skin at a time.

Removed Sections

The Armory had different sections, but they were removed.

Note: Gadgets were not introduced in Pixel Gun World.


  • The Armory has been changed several times:
    • Pixel Gun World was created with the Pixel Gun 3D Armory UI.
    • In the 2.0.0 update, the Shop UI has modified into the UI similar to the Pixel Gun 3D armory UI in the recent updates.
  • Gear was entirely removed from the Armory at the start of the Open Beta Test, and instead, the gear was used as pick-ups (only the Frag Grenade) while 3 other gear items were obtained from the Bingo Chest.
  • The Sniper category for weapons was introduced in the 2.0.0 update.

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