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The Army Rifle in use.

The Army Rifle is a default primary weapon in Campaign. It also appears in the Deadly Games mode, but not on general multiplayer and Arena. The only way to acquire this weapon in campaign is to beat the Bridge level. 


It is a green camo version of the Combat Rifle Up2 (or just Rambo's Rifle). However, there is no blade at the front. Instead, there is a little blackish-brown grenade launcher part at the front.


It has good damage, high rate of fire, decent capacity and average mobility. It is one of the most powerful weapons in Deadly Games.


  • Use the scope to maximise effect, at medium to large ranges.
  • It can be used effectively as a primary weapon, both in Campaign and Deadly Games.
  • Its scope can be used to pick off targets from long ranges.


  • Take the enemy by surprise, as assaulting them will most likely get you killed.
    • You can attempt to assault them if you have a good weapon yourself (e.g.Heavy Machine Gun or another Army Rifle)
  • Pick the enemy off if you have the Sniper Rifle before they spot you.
  • If you are spotted, hide behind an obstacle. If they follow you, ambush them with the Combat Knife and take their weapon for yourself.
  • If you see an opponent take this weapon at the start, stab them or shoot them whilst they are targeting somebody else and take their weapon.


No Upgrades


A comparison between the Army Rifle's 3x Scope and the Combat Rifle Up2's 4x scope.


Military themed

Supported Maps

  • Campaign
  • Deadly games

Weapon Setups

Have a short range weapon along this one, to pick off any melee users.


  • This weapon is the best and most desired weapon in Deadly Games, as it deals with the most damage, melting away a player's health in a matter of seconds.
  • This weapon seems to be slightly more powerful than the Rambo's Rifle, with green camo skin and a (useless) grenade launcher
  • This is, like the Combat Rifle, based off of the M16A3 with an added scope and an M203 grenade launcher.
  • This can only be used in survival, along with the Uzi-Uzi, Alien Gun, Heavy Machine Gun, and the Double Barreled Shotgun.
  • It is the only weapon in the game to feature a 3X Scope.
    • However, it states in the game that it has a 4X Scope in a newer update.
  • This gun isn't usable in multiplayer (excluding deadly games)
  • There is a grenade launcher on this weapon which is actually unusable for some reason.
  • This looks like an upgrade for the Combat Rifle but its another gun used for Survival and Deadly Games.

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