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The Assault Machine Gun Up2 is a Primary weapon added in the 9.3.0 update. It's the third and final form of the Assault Machine Gun.


It has a long black barrel with 2 small orange-yellowish stripes. It also looks like a souped up Heavy Machine Gun. It has much detail too. It has a scope and reloads like a Simple Machine Gun. It has a buttstock with a brownish end and a few red stripes. It has a red spot which looks like a red cross.


It deals high damage, has a high rate of fire, extremely high capacity and above-average mobility.


  • Due to the high damage, firing rate, extremely high ammo, and decent accuracy, the possibilities for this weapon are virtually endless but don't engage in sniper fights, as your accuracy is not as high as a sniper.
  • It is a worthwhile gun if you lack any good weapons when you reach levels 22 and above, as it does give its user good gameplay 90% of the time regardless of its user using any armor or boosts. It still requires basic skill, however.
  • Can be used to take on Jetpack users despite with long-range inaccuracy to be more forgiving on your aim.
  • This weapon is a multipurpose weapon, that can tear down enemies in short range and medium ranges. As long as you are a skilled player, this weapon can be used for all ranges in any maps.


  • Use a sniper rifle or any other long-range weapon to pick off these users.
  • You can always try to outmaneuver them like countering the Laser Minigun or an inexperienced Automatic Peacemaker user. Any weapon with the slow down attribute helps with immobilizing the player, as this weapon does not have the highest mobility. Shoot these users with the Icicle Minigun (PG3D) or the Freeze Ray Rifle (PG3D) to prevent them from jumping or basically moving, and then switch to your heavy or Area Damage weapons to finish them off, as they are not able to move. This also works for most weapons in the game.
  • Use powerful weapons that can rival this gun like the Laser Minigun, Frank Sheepone, and many others so that you can kill your opponent before they can kill you.
  • Any one-shot kill weapons can be victorious.
  • Keep moving around if you are to engage this weapon at close-range. Shotgun based weapons could easily beat this weapon in close ranges.


None (Final upgrade)



Supported Maps

Weapon setups

Have a long range weapon along with this one so as to defend from snipers. Also a high damage per hit weapon to suddenly switch to if the situation gets bad.


  • It was one of the four rentable guns in the game, the other being the Impulse Sniper Rifle. The Exterminator and the Stinger were later added in the 9.4.0 update.
  • When the gun was initially introduced, it had a 26 lethality and 75 ammo.
  • This weapon resembles the real world PKP Pecheneg machine gun.
  • Despite having a red crosshair with a dot, it will have a white crosshair with no dot when zoomed in.
  • This weapon could be awarded on Day 30 in the Bonus Marathon, which was removed in the 10.0.0 update.
    • There was a glitch with the Bonus Marathon that allowed you to repeat the cycles indefinitely and therefore get infinite gems and this weapon (on every 30th day).
  • As of the 10.0.0 update, this along with the rentable guns are now perma-buy guns, costing gems. Its damage has also been decreased from 26 to 23.
  • It has the 2nd highest ammo capacity than you can reload without having to look for ammo pick-ups before your current ammo hits 0 (the Automatic Peacemaker has 175).
  • This weapon got massively nerfed in the 14.1.3 update, as a result of powercreeping the Developers do.