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Battle Royale is a multiplayer mode introduced in the 15.0.0 update. It is currently released under beta.

How To Play

30 players exit a jet/spaceship and descend down onto the map using rocket propelled gliders. They must collect weapons from chests and survive to be the last player standing.

As the match goes on, the safe zone decreases in radius each interval of 5 to 60 seconds, and any players unable to reach the zone will constantly lose 1Heart new/second until they die. Players must get to the safe zones before this happen. As the zone shrinks, players are more close to other players and will eventually lead to the last remaining players fighting inside the small safe zone. The zone will continue shrinking, until everyone is in the death zone.



A player sniping another in the Battle Royale mode.

Every player starts with a Battle Shovel as a melee weapon to break chests and attack other players.

Chests are divided into three tiers; brown chests, blue chests, and Gold chests. Brown chests usually contains default and basic weapons such as the Combat Rifle. Blue chest contains more rare weapons such as the Flaming Volcano. And yellow chests contains the rarest weapons such as the Multitaskers.

Brown Chest

Blue Chest

Gold Chest


The map takes place on a large island with a variety of terrain typws. It is divided into several areas similar to levels found in Pixelated World and multiplayer maps.


The Battle Royale map.

Scary City

Scary City is a large city located in the north west part of the map. Chests are likely to spawn on the top of the buildings. This also has the highest chances of Gold Chests spawning.


The Hospital is a medium sized hospital located at the most northern part of the map. It's possible for chests to spawn on top of the Hospital.

Lucky Lake

A medium sized lake at the bottom right corner of the map.

Quiet Village

A small town located at the most southern part and also the middle of the map. Gold or blue chests may spawn in the middle of the island.

Lovely Farm

A farm located at the western part of the map. This has a high chance of gold chests spawning in house.


A large house located on the top left corner of the map.


A small building located north and slightly left on the map.

Swamp Dump

A swamp located directly in the middle of the map. This has a higher chance of blue and gold chests spawning than brown chests.


A lighthouse located at the most southern part of the map. There may be gold or blue chests.

Crash Site

A crash site located at the bottom left corner of the map. There are a lot of brown chests in this region, but not much blue or gold ones.

Map expansion announcement


On June 14 2018, Cubic.Games has announced on their Facebook that they are going to heavily expand the map, due to the high quantity of requests. The small and unhidden area, found on the bottom right, is the current map. The area that is dark is the area that is going to be the expansion of the map.

This expansion is expected to be released in the next update.


  • This game mode is inspired by the known battle royale games: Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG).
  • The in-game news section and PG3D's official Facebook and Instagram page revealed this mode, along with a hint at a new Chapter 4 for the Singleplayer Campaign Mode.
  • The map features the Campaign maps Farm, Cemetery, City, Hospital and Bridge, including additional maps such as Mafia Cottage, and Swamp.
  • Sometimes, if you try to walk up a hill, you instantly "teleport" to the top.
  • This is the only map that has curved hills.
  • It's possible to get weapons that belong in Brown or Blue Chests out of Gold Chests, and vice versa.
  • There's a glitch that if you have two of the same weapon types, where you switch between the two, you can get the weapons back to full ammo.
  • In the 15.0.1, the Champion Mercenary, Poison Hunter, and the "Predator" were introduced in the gamemode.
  • Due to being beta, there are many major or minor glitches.
  • According to the developers. The Battle Royale map is the biggest map in the game.
    • However, the map size still says “XL”, just like any ordinary “XL” map.
  • It also has the largest player limit in the game, with 30 players.
  • Sometimes, it is impossible to pick up a weapon when it is dropped in the water.