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This content is exclusive to Pixel Gun 3D. It isn't in Pixel Gun World!
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Battle Shovel

In the old Armory.

The Battle Shovel is a Melee weapon located in the Melee section of the Armory.


It is a standard shovel, with a wooden handle and a gray, steel top.


The Battle Shovel has high damage, high mobility, and medium attack speed. For the 801 damage glitch, see trivia.


  • This weapon is surprisingly good in the Battle Royale mode: it can kill in 2~4 shots.
  • Use this as mobility weapon.


  • Use any ranged weapon against this weapon, as its range is point blank.


World War 2-themed melee weapon.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Have a strong ranged weapon alongside this one, to make sure ranged users dont get the best of you.


  • The weapon is based off of the iron shovel from Minecraft
  • In real-life, it is based off an old Entrenching tool used in both World Wars.
  • An Injured Zombie holds this weapon in the first level of campaign Farm in Pixelated World. It probably used it to dig the hole that can be seen in the level with the shovel near it.
  • It's stats were the same with the Combat Knife and Miner Weapon . However, the Miner Weapon was possible to be made upgraded.
  • It was by far one of the most judged weapons in Pixel Gun because of it's melee speed being slower than the Combat Knife and the mobility.
  • It was considered one of the best meelee weapons in the game because of it's high damage. Unfortunately, not all players can get this weapon.
  • If held in hand, it will look like as if you are holding an actual Pixel Gun in third person, but weird thing is that it doesn't make any bullet holes in the ground.
    • In the Castle level of the Crossed Worlds world, you can see several Battle Shovels in the weapons making up the throne.
  • In updates prior to 15.0.0, it was seen in the Armory with noticeably high stats. It had a Combat Level of 401 and had 801 Power.
    • However, this was most likely a miss by the developers, as its intended use was for Battle Royale.
  • The weapon can be seen in the loading screen of Battle Royale. Where the newbie is seen carrying a shovel.
    • The weapon is used by all players as a default melee weapon.