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The Black Mamba is a Primary weapon introduced in the 13.0.0 update.


It appears to be a black/red re-skinned version of the Casanova.

The weapon has a dark red/black, extendable stock, handle, magazine, handguard and reflex sight as well as a black receiver with dark red decals and on the suppressor.


It has a high fire rate, decent accuracy, good ammo capacity, extremely high efficiency and average weight and mobility. This weapon also has a hidden attribute of slowness which makes this a powerful primary.


  • Strafe while using this weapon so people cannot hit you while firing.
  • In a firefight, hit as many opponents as possible to poison them all, giving your team the health advantage.
    • If the opponents are also strafing, spread your shots to increase chances of hitting them, or hold them in place with Sticky Candy or Singular Grenade. Casanova users with accurate aim better than yours can kill you too, however constantly strafe to avoid being hit by them.
  • Watch out for snipers. If they are using a weapon such as Anti-Champion Rifle, One Shot or the Prototype S they will kill you instantly.
    • If they are using a sniper that has a high efficiency but can't one shot, such as Elf's Revenge, move to cover immediately.


  • Attack users at long range.
  • Try strafing around the user while firing a Primary weapon.
    • You can also prevent them from moving by using the Singular Grenade or a weapon that can slow down targets.
  • Be wary of any users with the weapon, as the suppressor silences the weapon's shots at long range.
  • When hit by bullets from this weapon, you will be slowed down tremendously, and to prevent your opponent from outmaneuvering you, using a high mobility weapon like Dark Force Saber or Killer Whale and 0xbadc0de to boost and propel yourself away.
  • An automatic weapon with superior firepower like the Laser Assistant would easily defeat users.
  • When slowed down, use a Sniper to quickly dispatch users and recover from the slowdown effect.
  • The Cyber Santa Set counters this weapon as it is immune to the Poison effects.
  • This gun's ammo box got tremendously nerfed, so a Stealth Bracelet would make then miss their aim and eventually they would use up all their ammo, by that time, they would be very helpless, and you can easily kill them.



Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Carry a weapon which shoots large projectiles, like the Soulstone, or a homing weapon such as Smart Bullet Bazooka or Nanobots Rifle. You can also use a 1-shot sniper rifle, such as the One Shot or Anti-Champion Rifle that could back you up if you reload.

  • This weapon can actually be used in all kinds of situations, its accurate even without the scope. However, even if this weapon is a solid primary weapon, have a good heavy weapon for tight spaces and a backup weapon for when you run out of ammo.


  • It is based on the Modern Sub Machine Carbine or the 'MSMC' with an added suppressor and reflex sight.
  • It's named after the Black mamba, a venomous snake.
  • Like the Casanova, this weapon also has a Slows Down Target attribute even though it isn't on the list.
  • In the 13.5.0 update, this weapon's ammo got nerfed from 50 to 30.
    • In a recent update, it was further nerfed by allowing the target to still jump even when under the Slows Down Target attribute.
  • However, in the 14.1.2 update, this weapon's damage got buffed slightly.
  • In the 15.1.0 update, this weapon's damage got nerfed along with a few other guns (especially the clan weapons). However, it's ammo was changed back to 50 instead of 30.