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Block Crash is a mode (formerly a minigame), introduced in the 12.0.0 update. It turned into a mode in the 12.1.0 update.

How to Play

Prior to the 12.1.0 update

In 4 minutes, a player has to fight against 4 other players, using their paintball weapons. Players need to stay on the clean blocks. Staying on painted, or heavily painted blocks will make other players have the chance to take these players down, using their weapon. A block breaks once it gets painted 3 times.

Between the 12.1.0 and 12.2.0 updates

The time is still the same, however the player will now use their Heavy weapon. Different heavy weapons have different blast radiuses and strengths. For example, the Ghost Lantern can destroy blocks in an instant while the bulk of the said weapons takes 2 shots to break blocks.

After the 12.5.0 update

Same rules as the previous mode ones, except that it takes one shot to break a block instead of two.


There is only one map in this mode:


All Heavy weapons are permitted, giving different ways to destroy blocks, such as removing them within their blast radius, or removing them accurately. Weapons on categories different from Heavy are not permitted. Gadgets and Pets are disabled.


There are 2 points exclusive to this minigame:

  • Man Down: Adds 1500 points to all of the players standing, if a player fell down.
  • Timer Bonus: Varies. It appears to the last player standing.

See Points System for the full article.


  • This gamemode is a combination of Paintball and the Minecraft minigame Spleef.
  • This has the smallest amount of maps out of any gamemode (not including minigames).
  • The 12.1.0 update changed the minigame significantly:
    • Before the update, only 3 weapons were permitted in the minigame, these include the Paintball Pistol, Paintball Rifle, and the Paintball Machine Gun. The paintball weapons were replaced with Heavy weapons instead.
    • It was changed from a minigame into a standard game mode.
  • In a recent update, the rewards have been decreased.


  • There is a bug where when the player joins, the mode is Deathmatch, and the player can use their full inventory and gadgets.

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