• 김도형

    Favorite weapon

    April 30, 2015 by 김도형

    Write your favorite weapon

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  • ŁØŁ!

    Hey guys, Lolz Guyz here and I am highly pissed off from the rule-breakers, but despite me being mad at the daters, spammers, hackers and haters, I have a lot of suggestions of what RiliSoft should do against them all just to put the online dating, spamming, hacking and hating/swearing in an end.

    I need a gf/bf, suck, date and kiss will be censored, no matter what EVEN if they aren't bad words. No kill, no kil, no ki//, no k i l l and no ki ll are censored while dating servers, or just in their place, No kill will actually be No date. Hot, cute, horny, sexy and cool boy/girl/chick/dude will be censored while naming yourself. While naming a server, while writing 'Sex' or any slang will be censored. Same goes in the chat. If someone names a s…

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  • ZukiDoesGaming

    imagin being able to dual wield 2 c fast deaths and 2 melee weapons. how much would it cost?

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  • Ze Pistachio

    Girl Survivor Haters

    November 27, 2014 by Ze Pistachio

    So I don't know the names of the male and female survivor, or the dragon, so I'm just going to substitute names that not all of you will agree with. So Bob, the male survivor at this point in the storyline has found Blonde, the female survivor, and beaten Shawn the dragon. He gets ready to leave block world once and for all.

    I write this for all the girl survivor haters out there.

    Bob's POV

    I jump onto Shawn. "There's a bigger problem," Shawn says, "Than the monsters. Haven't you noticed we're all square? It wasn't always like this..." I shrug. "I can handle being square." "I think I know how to fix it..." Blonde says, jumping onto Shawn in front of me. For the first time, I realize that she'a a full head shorter than me. Shawn fl… Read more >
  • Zcreeper

    Update ideas

    August 8, 2014 by Zcreeper

    This is the place were you can say which gun should be on a next update...i like the smg sub machine gun but I hope in one update they add it. 2 maruzen micro smg sub machine guns there cool looking powerful and well... Just plain awesome this is my update idea.

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  • Yellow Table

    can someone create a page about the barrier rifle its my favorite gun i get 12 to 30 kills with it

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  • YaBoiTrollderCop

    If anyone stumbles onto this blog , this blog is about if rilisoft added skins for all the guns in PG3D (like CSGO during the arms race update and TF2 with the Gun mettle update) , drop a comment about your opinion about it

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  • Xxx-EmberSpark-xxX

    Just casually destroying people, like i always do.

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  • XxMLG CokexX


    August 20, 2015 by XxMLG CokexX

    Alright guys in the next 2 weeks im going to school in 6th grade and u all r kinda lucky do u all know how strict my school is, u all have 2/3 hours of homework but i have 7 and a half hours of homework >_< and almost everyday, i have exams. it is also one of the easiest schools in my city, even though that im in 5th grade, (im going to 6th after this summer), my school is THAT strict

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  • XXVihtlzXx

    Pixel Gun Friend Names

    November 30, 2016 by XXVihtlzXx

    If anyone wants to friend me, my name is Vihtlz and my ID is 28693394 (iOS). I would appreciate if others could put their information so me and others can friend you.

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