• Ender Creeper14

    Hello, as of 2/12/2018, the Discussion Board is glitched to where I can't post picture there, so I will post them here. Hope this helps. ^_^

    Pretty much, I will show you the ideal ways to upload/update pictures on article pages, and what isn't the ideal ways. Enjoy.

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  • AndrewisAndrew

    Hai Ur m8 cuncon here adding a very jokely blog about pbb.

    What i can trade how much i hav of it
    Froakie EGGS Breedable
    A tropius 3

    This will be updated more, but for now, just send me trade requests.

    AndrewisAndrew (talk) 16:11, February 12, 2018 (UTC)

    Wut they offer What they want

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  • Assist360

    Made up Bio

    February 12, 2018 by Assist360

                                                                           Assist360  Info

    '''I was born,raised,fed in a castle,I helped extend its vast majority of territory,and social status.Until one day it happened,a attack,wasn't any battle I've dealt with,it was The Bug,newbie let us say "fractured"  this abomination.Well all the races started to unite as a whole to stop it,did we suceed?er,no.We came into making our territories,but let's just say some of us aren't very cooperative.There were 2 territories after the attack,and some decided to be lone wolf,most of us picked one of the 2,and sometimes had fights.Which caused a depravity that The Bug wanted.Now there are 2 as I said I was territory 1:Cold,it was one,however we were defenseles…

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  • Supriseyou1
    1. ApplerGamers
    2. Esoteric Inc.
    3. PG3D Weapons
    4. Flugmented
    5. Cubic.Games and their vodka
    6. Any refrence to EA
    7. Clans
    8. Inappropriate stuff in minigames
    9. Sergent Jargon's PGW remake
    10. Everything regarding wiki staff
    11. Discord in general
    12. Music (taste of,)
    13. Platforms (iOS, Android, etc)
    14. iDreamspace and her Super Awesome, Bug Dectecting Decompiler
    15. Seth's personal wiki
    16. Leafy's personal wiki
    17. Perferences about the golden friend
    18. Memes, especially Da Wae
    19. Everything regarding Trump
    20. Eva (scopeless vs. scoped)

    That's all I have so far.


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  • Supriseyou1

    note to self

    February 6, 2018 by Supriseyou1

    How to make a strikethrough:

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  • Assist360

    Finish this blog for me!

    February 6, 2018 by Assist360


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  • Supriseyou1

    Guide to photo sizes

    February 4, 2018 by Supriseyou1

    And yet another tutorial by SupriseYou.

    How to use correct photo size!

    The first part (File:Example.jpg) is the name of the image.

    Then comes the interesting part.

    The thumb tells the wiki to reduce the image to a THUMBNAIL size.

    You can specify the size by adjusting the "xxx px".

    • Use 185px for small, unimportant images.
    • Use 244px for regular images.
    • Use 300px for main, important images.
    • Use 1024px for a large, full size image.

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  • Assist360

    Op weapon ideas

    February 3, 2018 by Assist360

    Yeah,we all know what this is,I mean for one,it's a time where pixel gun has new and "Original" gun ideas,at least automatic peacemaker and casanova WAS original,now their money is for making copyrighted games and making their weapons into crappy names.

            Btw making crappy names to show you how pixel gun makes crappy names for their guns.I'm just adding the effects

    • Primary:Frosty Rifle,Efficiency:30,Fire Rate:98,Ammo:60,Weight:6,Slows the target.
    • Backup:Scorch Pistol,Effiency:30,Fire Rate:95,Ammo:20,Weight:9,Burning.
    • Melee:Reality Blade,Efficiency:30,Fire Rate:78,Weight:1,X-ray
    • Special:Coded Flamethrower,Effiency:30,Fire Rate:98,Ammo:85,Gadget Blocker
    • Sniper:Light Beam Sniper Rifle,Efficeincy:30,Fire Rate:68,Ammo:10,Weight:9,Laser
    • Heavy:May…
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  • AdminsTreehouse


    February 2, 2018 by AdminsTreehouse


    -_- Ok......

    Did You Hear.....



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  • DerpmasterYT

    My weapon idea

    January 30, 2018 by DerpmasterYT

    Hey guys, so I would like to share an interesting weapon that could be brought into Pixel Gun 3D! (Of course this is my imagination)

    So the gun will be called "Two for One Special" It is a double barreled pistol which consumes 2 ammo per shot but with double damage. Now the damage will be low because it is being doubled so expect say 13x2 damage. Fire rate would be 90 and it would cost 150 gems. It would unlock at lvl 35 and have no upgrades. The special effects would be single shots and slow down target. The magazine size would be 20 leaving you with 10 shots to kill each clip.

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