• Seth2008

    Rocket Jump Glitch

    October 17, 2017 by Seth2008

    Hey guys! So I got a kill and it said i got a rocket jump kill and i didnt even rocket jump. Does anyone have any ideas of how this happend?

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  • JustLeafy
    • Added a message in the source editor, informing users who are creating a page.

    • Gave the wiki a temporary Halloween theme.
    • In Special:Community, the link now leads to Template:Full Rules.
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  • BastionMann


    October 6, 2017 by BastionMann

    Warning: This blog may offend or harassment for some readers. reader decision is advised! If you're not, then have fun and feel free to write a comment.

    BastionMann's Player Stereotypes

    1. Pre-made skin players: means that players may can't make their own skins or lazy to make a skin
    2. Bad-made skin players: means that players may not have experience to make a skin
    3. Derp or Noob skin players: means that players may be an actual newbie player or my personal opinion. They are just experienced or spammer players made them for mock other players
    4. Boy/Girl skins players: means they use to idenify player's gender
    5. Naked skins players: means that players like sex, date, or used for distracting other players in the battle
    6. Shade skins players: these skins are most a…

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  • I type fast

    Piture block blog post

    October 2, 2017 by I type fast

    All pictures other than this message 

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  • I type fast

    This new update is a killer! It has cool new gadgets and guns and a few more maps!

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  • 44lifedollars

    Let's start with the Toy Bomber. This weapon was stolen from Junkrat, who appearently can shoot little explosive balls out of a cannon? He also got the Smile Mine, reference to his concussion mine, and actually the Trapper, which rips of his chomper?

    Disabler actually was taken from Sombra in Overwatch. Sombra's EMP disables all special abilities that come with any nearby enemies.

    Singular Grenade rips off Zarya's gravity well, which is her ultimate ability. It does the exact same thing!

    Demon Stone may come as a surprise to you but it rips off Winston's type of glasses? You can fly around and punch enemies, although Winston can't fly, but after all does it really make a difference?

    Turbo Pistols ripped off Tracer's weapon of two pistols. Real…

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  • FirestormNemesis
    • cricket noises*

    ...yup *thumbs up*

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  • JustLeafy
    • Tooltips!

    • Removed some obsolete CSS and unused CSS.
    • Made the pencil icon look new.
    • Brought back custom font.
    • Modified header of comments.
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  • G Healthy Gurl


    September 6, 2017 by G Healthy Gurl

    I'm sorry for the trolls in 2015 it was my friends making fun of this game and wikia...

    I will not do anything bad here

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  • JustLeafy

    Apologies for not posting the highlights of the wiki's updates last month. Anyways, there has been a lot of changes.

    • Improved the header of the source editor.
    • Added a "Show 1 new message" button in Forums.
    • Completed craft item articles.
    • Wiki Videos will be postponed until Ender Creeper14 wants to do them.
    • Restyled ToC and Category modules.
    • Fixed width of the Visual Editor toolbar.
    • Made the toolbar opaque.
    • Removed gradients of the message in Special:Leaderboard, and background of the rank values to make the leaderboards more cleaner.
    • Fixed all issues with round avatars.
    • Added more minigames for the sake of minigame addicts.
    • Modernized the pagination of comments.
    • Made some changes to the rail in Special:Community.
    • Made the borders of the notices from gre…

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