• AmirFreeman2017


    December 10, 2017 by AmirFreeman2017

    wtf i leveled up from 15 to 31 yo wtf is this

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  • QEFhjzh

    This is a list of weapons that should be buffed or nerfed, so that each weapon stands a chance.

    • Ghost Lantern
    • Judge*
    • Laser Minigun
    • One Shot*
    • Nail Minigun*
    • Dragon Whistle*
    • Singular Grenade
    • Exterminator
    • Thunderer*
    • Anti-Hero Rifle
    • Prototype
    • Guardian*
    • Resurrection*
    • Future Sniper Rifle*
    • A Whole Lot That I Can Think Of Right Off The Bat

    Note: Things marked with * is significantly needed nerfing

    • For the laser minigun, nail minigun, judge, and the dragon whistle just bringing down the effiency would make these weapons better.
    • For the ghost lantern specifically, since they removed quick swap, it is somewhat already better. But bringing the size of the ghost down would make it even better
    • For the anti-hero rifle, prototype, one shot, and future sniper rifle, cubix gam…

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  • Supriseyou1


    November 7, 2017 by Supriseyou1

    I see a clan that is public and is not full. How come it says "clan is full?"

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  • Ender Creeper14

    (Note: we are not endorsed, nor affiliated with RiliSoft and these changes are unofficial and are strictly my opinion) Hey guys, Ender here. Today, I felt the need to express of what I think needs to get buffed, nerfed, or tweaked. without further do, let's go:

    Minigun Shotgun nerf: I think this weapon is just a little too strong and requires just a minor damage decrease and maybe a rate of fire decrease as well. Granted, it's useless past medium range, but in close range, this thing currently shreds players like paper. I would say to decrease the damage by 10% and the fire rate by 5% to make it a slightly slower weapon and require and extra shot or two to kill a max-armoured player.

    Impulse Rifle buff: I personally like this weapon. The pro…

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  • Seargent Jargon

    How RiliSoft has actually done a good job.

    RiliSoft maybe making the game pay to win but I think they have made stuff good again. For one, they added back many one maps and weapons. They have also revamped the clan system! This may add some unwanted op weapons but it’s ok because they take TIME and effort to get!

    Also, they added more music using jukebox! The game is fun. You will need to spend some money but when you get a good loadout, it’s really quite fun!

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  • Seth2008

    Rocket Jump Glitch

    October 17, 2017 by Seth2008

    Hey guys! So I got a kill and it said i got a rocket jump kill and i didnt even rocket jump. Does anyone have any ideas of how this happend?

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  • JustLeafy
    • Added a message in the source editor, informing users who are creating a page.

    • Gave the wiki a temporary Halloween theme.
    • In Special:Community, the link now leads to Template:Full Rules.
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  • BastionMann


    October 6, 2017 by BastionMann

    Warning: This blog may offend or harassment for some readers. reader decision is advised! If you're not, then have fun and feel free to write a comment.

    BastionMann's Player Stereotypes

    1. Pre-made skin players: means that players may can't make their own skins or lazy to make a skin
    2. Bad-made skin players: means that players may not have experience to make a skin
    3. Derp or Noob skin players: means that players may be an actual newbie player or my personal opinion. They are just experienced or spammer players made them for mock other players
    4. Boy/Girl skins players: means they use to idenify player's gender
    5. Naked skins players: means that players like sex, date, or used for distracting other players in the battle
    6. Shade skins players: these skins are most a…

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  • I type fast

    Piture block blog post

    October 2, 2017 by I type fast

    All pictures other than this message 

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  • I type fast

    This new update is a killer! It has cool new gadgets and guns and a few more maps!

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