• JustLeafy

    All Category Layouts

    August 15, 2017 by JustLeafy

    In here, this is made as a quick shortcut for people who want to copy and paste the layout of a specific category. Learned all layout guides? Want all layouts? You got all of them here in one page, but you need to click expand to view a specific layout.

    NOTE: All of the layouts should be copied and pasted in the source editing area of a new page.

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  • IliDeSiREili

    Pixel Gun 3D claims to be the number one mobile pixel shooter. The game was highly admired by many players untill Rilisoft started shifting to pay-to-win style games. Anyways here are some of the aspects that I dislike about Pixel Gun 3D.

    Recently, weapons like Smart Bullet bazooka, Anti-Hero Rifle, Laser Bonucer, and Ghost Lantern are dominating the battle field. Weapons like the Predator and Electromagnetic Cannon have dropped in usage rate because their effiency cannot compete with those one shot weapons

    There are three types of gadgest: Throwing, Tools, and Support. Popular gadgets like Dragon Whistle, Clockwork Nutcracker, Battle Mech, Demon Stone, and Resurrection are dominating because of their insane buffs and advandages they give th…

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  • JustLeafy

    Compared to other updates, this is a unique update that is mostly about issue fixing.

    • We are continuing to add more and more craft item articles.

    • Modernized CommentsPagination.
    • Changed layout of the video thumbnails.

    • Fixed issue where the floating table header script isn't working.
    • Fixed issue where the lock old threads script isn't working.
    • Fixed issue where the text in the Discussions button in the Discussion module appear as the default link.
    • Fixed issue where the white tab indicator was inaccurate.
    • Fixed issue where the tabview in File pages wasn't customized.
    • Fixed issue with the modernized CommentsPagination.
    • Fix Discussions feed UI.
    • We have recently changed the layout of the thumbnail. Fixed issue where the layout would appear to display badly…

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  • JustLeafy
    • Added a module which shows the recently uploaded images.
    • Finally finished the planned entirety of the new categorization.
    • Added disambigutions.
    • We are continuing to add more and more articles about craft items.

    • Removed unwanted Infoboxes.
    • Modernized the pagination of the message walls.
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  • JustLeafy
    • As announced earlier, the Pixel Gun Conception Wiki is released.
    • Common Edit Summaries were added.
    • Added Trophy icon.
    • Add roadmap images for worlds.
    • Finished adding guide layouts.
    • Almost finished the new categorization.
    • We are continuing to expand the wiki by adding more and more separate articles about craft items.

    • Once again, there are a couple changes to the main page:
      • Updated main page.
      • Removed categories module.
    • Instead of "Information", we have added "Category Name Information".

    • Fixed issue where the Unknown tag didn't appear in some infoboxes.
    • Fixed issue where the recently implemented Sandbox tab appeared to be outside of the custom tabview.
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  • JustLeafy
    • Added strategies for Campaign Maps.
    • Added card for the skin contest winner on the main page. It will only show up for one week.
    • Added "Popularity" and "Level Required" in maps.
    • Added infoboxes for eggs.
    • We are starting to make separated pages of craft items.
    • Added reply lists.

    • Finalized the new categorization in Weapons, Maps, Wear, Gadgets and Accessories.
    • The Pixel Gun Conception Wiki is almost done. It only needs a few more features, then we will finally publish the wiki to you.
    • Added the |link= parameter to all of the status files in navboxes, so that people will no longer accidentally click on the files.
    • Unprotected some pages.
    • Modernized the toolbar look.

    • Fixed issue where navboxes performed badly.
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  • IliDeSiREili

    Two Castles Glitch

    July 10, 2017 by IliDeSiREili

    Throughout my years of playing Pixel Gun, I've seen many glitches such as the Arabian Dust glitch, which allows the player to get out of the map. However, when randomly playing around in Two Castles , I discovered a strange glitch that happened when I was flying on my jetpack.

    Many maps including Two Castles have an invisible barrier preventing players from escaping the map. Unlike most multiplayer maps, Two Castles does not have a barrier ceiling. When the player flies too high, then he or she will die. At first, the invisible barrier appears to be impassible. But, if the players flies high enough, then he or she will be able to pass the invisible barrier. If the player travels out too far, then he or she will die. The goal is to actually…

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  • Project LoseLose

    Rilisoft: Join Pixel Gun 3D! Own unfair and exetremely overpowered weapons such as the Ghost Lantern! Earn Coins and gems by leveling up! If you are max level use the lucky chest! If you don't have enough gems to use the lucky chest! Buy coins and gems with your real money so we can be rich and drink I mean so we can give you more updates! Fight in a battle full of toxic little kids who swear in the chat, hackers and a bunch of ghost lantern, storm hammer and pet dragon spammers!

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  • JustLeafy
    • Strategy sections for all multiplayer maps.
    • Added videos and latest activity in the main page.
    • Added world chronology for worlds.

    • Updated images for weapons.
    • Redesigned Featured Article and MainPage templates. Moved links to the old navigation in the navigation slider.
    • Updated Community tab in the navigation.
    • Removed some scripts.
    • Updated Level Guide:
      • Renamed "Level Guide" to "Level Chronology", for better vocabulary.
      • Turned the items into horizontal, to shorten the infobox.
      • Added arrow symbols, for more visual language.
    • Replaced "RiliSoft" with "Pixel Gun Company" in PG3D articles.
    • Updated Hatches From information:
      • The sentences turned into lists.
      • Updated and used template for egg articles: (see Template:Egg for the documentation):
        • This template automat…

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  • JustLeafy
    • New categorization. This is only available in Category:Weapons at the moment, but other categories will receive them in the future.
    • Cards. See Template:Card for the full info.
    • Brought back skin contests.
    • Finally created and completed Squad and Effects pages.
    • Added the ability to rename categories.
    • Added FAQ in my wall.

    • Modified some modules.
    • Fixed all double redirects. Some may even lead into a random article!
    • Updated Pick-Ups navbox.
    • Renamed "Structures" to "Craft Items".

    • Fixed issue where the buttons in the main page appear in a different shade of green.
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