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  • True Sole Survivor

    I really don't see the point of me being here, I honestly think that ever since I came back to the wiki all I've been is trouble. I don't make anyone's day, I can't cheer anyone up, my life is the only thing I post, heck, I'm less innocent than anyone on this wiki. Yeah... you guys made my day, even though I ruined it for you guys and others. I can't make you guys think I'll stay in my opinion, and I bet once I leave, you guys will have a better time. So... why should I continue to torture myself??? Why should I torture the wiki??? Why should I torture... You??? Well... I've said my part. So like I said, who am I kidding? I don't want to stay, as long as it just makes things worse... yee.

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  • John6Doe 2.0

    Hello you all might be wondering what happened to my other account John6Doe. It god hacked by BEN Drowned or whatever. 

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  • True Sole Survivor

    Hello Pixel Gun Wiki! How's it going for you all? I'm just here to inform you of the new story I was creating named... wait, you guys should already know. Anyways, I would like it if you guy's checked it out on my wall since i'm only releasing my story here on this wiki. It's about a guy and a girl who see the story from different point of veiws. Ashi, is a decendent of her father who just so happens to be the demon in charge of the HSM, while UNKNOWN is a not so ordinary human with a sense of knowledge far beyond any other humans mind can interperet. This takes place in A.D. 50000. Hope you enjoy!


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  • Supriseyou1

    _SuPyOu^YT^InSeRt@#SyM^De (MY TALK^^^)

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  • FirestormNemesis


    March 26, 2017 by FirestormNemesis

    So today, I was playing on a Walking Fortresses server when I spotted a Level 9 player. I am a Level 22 player and I'm in the Ruby League. It's not normal, right?

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  • 44lifedollars

    We will not be satisfied... Until Rillisoft's employees get their heads out of the clouds, because it's on!

    PG3D has many weapons that were either ruined, added when we did not want them to be added, and more.

    But, now I've had it!

    If you were an employee at Rillisoft, and decided to do something about any weapon...

    What would you do?

    Tell me in the comments below!

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  • BastionMann

    Hello, everyone.

    Did you remember an old version in Pixel Gun 3D?

    The official name of campaign maps has been revealed in one of old version of PG3D.

    • mean already revealed by multiplayer mode.

    Few of them not have name because it is an official name of it.

    Pixelated World

    Farm : Farm Assault.*

    Cemetery : Midnight Cemetery.

    City : City of the Dead.

    Hospital : Scary Hospital.


    Prison : Infected Prison.*

    Forest : Slender Forest.*

    Area 52

    School : Silent School.*

    Block World

    Village : Utopia.*

    Desert : Ancient Desert.

    Sky Island

    Winter Island : Winter Wonderland.*

    Hell Castle

    Parallel World

    (Note: Everyone may already know about it. PS:my first blog.)

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  • 44lifedollars

    Ah... 7.1.0. We loved it. But, now, it's 11.4.0. And Pixel Gun 3D's "Fun Level" has gone way down.

    That's because somehow, Rillisoft F-ed up!

    How is Pixel Gun 3D now F-ed up?

    Tell me in the comments below!

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  • GoldenAura2016

    If you worked at Rilisoft and were in charge of Pixel Gun 3D, what would be the first thing you would do? Nerf a weapon? Add back some old maps previously removed? Buff weapons?

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