• Cuozzo911

    I could really use some help, I am new to pixel gun and want to fortify my fort. I have enough for poison plants and a machine gun turret but how do they get placed? I am not the clan leader, does the clan leader have to place them or should it be automatic once you have earned enough for the green check mark to appear. Thanks

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  • DiamondcreeperMG

    Yea lol you saw the title. I made this cause Im so good with the sniper (best with railgun). So I started wondering who is good here as well! Answer in tue comments.

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  • AlphaBeta25

    Hurt N Heal

    June 3, 2018 by AlphaBeta25

    Title pretty much explains. Every 6 hours, you can either hurt or heal a weapon you love(or hate) by one point, last weapon standing wins! Each weapon starts with 5 HP.

    Weapon                                          HP
    Adamant Laser Cannon 5
    Undertaker 5
    Dual Machine Guns 5
    Multitaskers 5
    Elder Force Saber 5
    Combat Yo-yo 5
    Laser Bouncer 5
    Nanobots Rifle 5
    Anti-Champion Rifle 4
    Railgun 5
    Soul Thief 6
    Killer Whale 5

    Have fun!

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  • Supriseyou1

    WARNING: EXPLICIT LYRICS (thou I censored it so it's suitable for this wiki)

    DJ SupriseYou!

    [Part one: USA]

    I will build a great great wall, in front of Mexico. And you motherf**kers better pay for it, else Ill nuke you all. 6 months and a half in China, studying their f**king plans. I will copy their great wall, and paste it IN MEXICO! Dosen't matter how hard you pray, no is what we'd say. So enough with your stupid tricks, BUILD DAT WALL TODAY! 

    [Part two: Mexico (translated from the original spanish)]

    Hey, you a**holes, thanks for roasting me. But that wall won't do anything, I hope that you can see. If you biuld a great wall, we'll make a big ramp, and break everything you stupid people set up this stupid camp! Sorry for making a rant, but …

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  • Hiawee

    What melee

    May 21, 2018 by Hiawee

    I need a melee, what do I get?

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  • AdminsTreehouse
    1. Lets Make Pixel gun 3D Ag- Uhhhhhhh...... 

    Is this a Trump Refrence Like this!

    Lets Make America Great Again!

    Yeah.... Really??? Pixel Gun Co. Really???

    And yeah this is a Useless Blog Bye!


    Sooooo.... Bye!

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  • LastWinder

    Helloo, Just a random blog post cuz I never made on and cuz I just had a random thought!

    I know that Fortnite is obviously a mix of Battle Royale games such as PUBG and Minecraft, but could PG3D have been a source of where they get some ideas? I mean, it follows PUBG in the battle royale mode and stuff, but the game mechanics and physics all follow PG3D. Everyone jumps around to get around the map and fight each other, they also use jump pads and explosives to "Rocket jump" and get away from other people. Guns have no (realistic) recoil and the physics are essentially the same.

    Could it be, that they get the main idea from PUBG, the building and destroying from Minecraft, the graphical/cartoonish/creative looks from PG3D, and the game physic…

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  • Sloth of the 7

    Pixel gun has gone from 2013-2018 and,while it is unfair,it's also fun to slaughter the red team and all,but equality ain't a thing here,sometimes it is,other times its not.But when it comes to this fandom,at least it ain't as dead or toxic,UnderTale *Cough* *Cough*,but at least I can see goodness in this, mostly goodness.this game has brought me a lot of friends,some I'm related in IRL some not,and enemies won and enemies lost,It was fun while doing so,stay good rilisoft,or else we ain't paying you money.It's gone far,but it won't go far enough,unlike SpongeBob *Cough*.

    What I'm on right now

    1.I have a YT channel,20 subs!,OverWatch content and all,but I would be grateful if ya subbed.Anyways friend me my name is Sloth of the 7 in Pixel Gun,…

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  • AdminsTreehouse

    >_< i give up



    R.I.P A.T...

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  • Ender Creeper14

    Still Alive

    April 25, 2018 by Ender Creeper14

    Hey guys, I apologize for my recent lack of activity in the community lately. I've been going through some rather serious issues in my life, and I need/needed to go silent for a littler bit. Even though I'm not editing, I do still check on the wiki every now and then. But yeah, for the moment's time, I'm okay... I guess, ehh. I'm not sure when, but I will eventually return to my normal ways. It may be a while, and I request that you guys give me some time, but I'm still here. I'm still the "Purplish Creeper" :). Also, if anyone is wondering, I am NOT stepping off my postion as Admin, not unless I have to. I will try to be a bit more active here, but I'm currently going through some hard time, but I'm thankful because I know that things can…

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