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The Bridge is the 5th stage in Pixelated World in Campaign.




After exiting the hospital and trapping zombies inside, Newbie sees a helicopter and tries to get its attention. He follows the helicopter through the bridge.

Hidden Coin

It can be found on top of the first bus.

Hidden Gem

It's in the green dumptruck hanging on the edge of the bridge.


This is a bridge that has collapsed, with a medical tent and a giant mechanical gate in the back, behind where you spawn. The rest is an assortment of crashed buses, cars, and police cars. Some cars have their headlights on. There is a room with bloody bags in the tent, presumably containing bodies.


  • Do not get too close, as the monsters will hit you.
  • Kill the monsters as quickly as possible, since you can earn a star by killing monsters quickly. Do not rush it, though.
  • Use pets, as a minor/major backup for killing.
  • Follow the green arrow that appears once there are 5 enemies left, in order to kill the enemies as fast as possible.
  • Restore your ammunition by quitting the level and coming back. However, try not to do this when you are about to complete the level, as the amount of killed monsters will be wasted.
  • Use Armor. If you have a decent amount of armor, you will not have to worry about getting damaged, because you can get 3 stars even if you have damaged armor. This doesn't apply to Health.
  • The enemies aren't extremely tough in this level, so you can equip the weapons with a decent amount of damage.
    • However, almost all of the enemies appear at the end of the big part of the broken bridge, so it is best to pick them off from a decently long range.
  • Dodge the explosive wheels of the Infected Truck Driver.


  • This seems to be based on the Golden Gate Bridge in the San Francisco Peninsula
  • At the last pick-up truck that is starting to fall off of the bridge, if you use a weapon that can do Rocket Jump, you can launch yourself over the gap and onto the other side of the bridge.
  • From the aerial view of the map, you could see "2525" on top of the first bus where the hidden coin is.
  • The Bridge seems to be similar to The Bridge level in Left 4 Dead 2.
  • If you look closely on the ground, the surface markings are floating decals. You can see why when a monster walks over it, the decal clips through the model.
  • The map was removed from multiplayer in the 10.4.0 update.
  • If you fall in to the water, it kills you during gamdelay but after completing the map, newbie is forced to jump in and he swims to prison.
  • During the game, there are no injured zombies with heads but in the prison comic it show ones with heads.