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The Cemetery is the second map in the Pixelated World Campaign. It takes place in a cemetery with gravestones, monsters, a church, and a hedge maze.




After Newbie had defeated the Police Double Headed Zombie and grabs it's gun. After then, he hears a scream for help and a bell from a church, and runs to the rescue.

Hidden Coin

In the hedge maze, there is a hidden gazebo in the far left. Don't mix it up with the other gazebo.

Hidden Gem

The gem is inside the chapel behind the shrine in the front.


It has a graveyard, church, and a hedge maze. It also has two hidden gazebos found on each far corners.


  • The skeletons resemble the Aztec Temple's ones.
  • The City can be seen near the gate.
  • For some reason, in the second picture of the story comic, Newbie's sleeves turn gray.


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