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The Champion Mercenary is a Backup weapon introduced in the 13.2.0 update.


It is a reskinned version of the Mercenary with Champion Armor-style colors. The color scheme includes red, black, dark grey and a bright silver.


It has low efficiency, extremely fast fire rate, small capacity and moderate mobility.


  • Use it similarly to the Mercenary.
  • Its burning attribute makes it deal more damage. It can clog up targets' screen and tend to lose their control, take advantage of that.
  • Conserve ammunition, as it runs out quickly.
    • Its rapid reload speed makes up for it.
      • Cowboy Hat and Hitman Mask grant even shorter reload time.
  • Try to stay away from long range as it does not have a scope.
  • Use this as a secondary weapon when you need to reload your primary weapon.
  • As always, aim on the head for max DPS.
  • Use it to finish off/weaken opponent and chew through armor swiftly.
    • Though it is not recommended to solo a match just by using this.
  • Equipping it with max level Backup DPS booster setup renders it less than 17 headshots kill.


  • Use weapons from the Heavy section, more specifically: Highly efficient Area damage weapons.
  • Do not charge directly at Champion Mercenary user, since he/she will rip your armor/health in no time.
  • Sniper weapons from afar can easily take these players down and have very minimal/no risk.
  • A mobility of at least 90 melee is greatly recommended for dodging shots.
  • Use the Time Machine if you are in a sticky situation, as this may buy you time to make a dash for it.
  • A weapon with the conjunction of high fire-rate and massive capacity is strongly suggested, as Champion Mercenary burn its magazine within 3 seconds.
  • Strike when the player is reloading.
    • However its reload time is shorter than expected.
  • Strafe and jump. This forces the user waste his/her ammo rapidly
  • Use other backups such as Multitaskers or Champion Mercenary yourself.


Champion themed.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

  • Have a powerful heavy if this weapon runs out of ammo and have a primary on the hotbar.
  • Anti-Champion Rifle for long distance combat.


  • It is one of the Champion themed re-skins released in the 13.2.0 update. The other champion themed weapons are Champion Peacemaker, Champion Electric Arc, Anti-Champion Rifle and Champion Solar Cannon.
  • This is the only semi-automatic weapon with burning attribute.
  • It was featured in the Battle Royale gamemode.
    • It was removed from 15.1.0 version as for balancing gameplay.
  • Despite of indicating a firerate of 98, in burst firing mode, it releases a shot at the rate of 600 rpm.
  • This weapon experienced multiple changes on its statistics due to buff, nerf and a bug.
    • When it is first introduced, it was balanced 2-3 bursts headshots kill.
    • It gained a tremendous buff where 3-4 headshots would end the opponent's life (0.3-0.4 seconds) when 13.5.0 Update was introduced.
    • It took a heavy hit from nerfing by 15.1.0 Update, that it reduced to 17 headshots kill (or 3 and 2/5 bursts) for balancing.
    • In 15.2.0 Version, there was a bug that increased this and its regular counterpart's efficiency dramatically to 2 bursts headshots kill! It was fixed a day later.
  • The burst stops ranging 0.1-0.125 second after executed.
  • Its magazine lasts approximately 3 seconds if hold the firing button.