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The Champion Mercenary is a Backup weapon introduced in the 13.2.0 update.


It is a reskinned version of the Mercenary with Champion Armor-style colors. The color scheme includes red, black, dark grey and a bright silver.


It has low to medium damage, high fire rate, good capacity and moderate weight.


  • Use it similarly to the Mercenary.
  • Its burning attribute makes it deal more damage. It can clog up opponents' screen and tend to lose their controls, take advantage of that.
  • Try to conserve ammunition, as it runs out quickly.
  • This is made for short-medium range, due to the fact that this weapon does not have a scope.
    • Once you have familiarized yourself to this weapon and gained enough experience, you can use this in long ranges, since this has very minimal recoil.
  • It's inaccurate at a distance, so even if you can aim, you'll probably miss anyway.
    • Unless you are experienced enough, you cannot use this weapon in medium to long ranges.
  • Use on Jetpack users, because it is very easy to get a duck hunt with this weapon, as it fires very fast, and deals a lot of damage.
  • Always use on small maps like Pool Party or Coliseum since the gun is useful in close quarters.
  • As always, aim on the head for max DPS.
  • Use it to finish off weakened opponent and chew armors down.
  • Equipping it with max level Backup DPS booster setup takes less than 17 hits to kill.


  • Use weapons from the Heavy section, more specifically: High damaging or Area damage weapons.
  • Don't charge directly at Champion Mercenary users, because they can deal direct damage to you
  • Sniper weapons from afar can easily take these players down and have a very minimal risk.
  • Try to escape their users by running away with a lighter weapon, like the Dark Force Saber.
  • Use the Time Machine if you are in a close situation, as this may buy you time to make a dash for it.
  • Use a weapon with more ammo, such as the Champion Peacemaker because this weapon will easily run out of ammo. Take advantage when the player is reloading, but you have to be quick.
  • Use weapons that can one shot the user.
  • Strafe and jump. This forces the user waste his/her ammo rapidly
  • If all counter strategies failed, give him/her taste his/her own medicine.


Champion themed.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Have a high damaging weapon. Have an explosive weapon to mess with their aim. Use automatic weapons as this burst fire stops for 0.5 seconds per 5 shots.


  • It is one of the Champion themed re-skins released in the 13.2.0 update. The other champion themed weapons are Champion Peacemaker, Champion Electric Arc, Anti-Champion Rifle and Champion Solar Cannon.
  • This is the only semi-automatic weapon with burning attribute.
  • This weapon was dramatically buffed in update 13.5.0 update, along with all Adamant and Champion weapons, making it extremely overpowered. It was 4 headshots kill (4 out of 5 of one burst or 0.4 seconds).
    • However, the ammo capacity has been equated with the regular Mercenary. There is a tradeoff, it's mobility is slightly slower than the Mercenary.
  • It was arguably one of the best Backup Weapons, since a single burst could kill a max level player.
    • However in 15.1.0 Update, it is severely nerfed for balancing. It now takes 3 and 2/5 bursts or 17 shots to kill a 24 HP and 34 Armor opponent (3.2 seconds).
  • It is now featured in the Battle Royale gamemode.
  • Despite of indicating a firerate of 98, in burst firing mode, it releases a shot at the rate of 600 rpm.
  • Champion Mercenary have headshot multiplier of ranging from 1.05x to 1.15x.
  • Prior from 15.1.0 Update, if he/she equips max level Champion Mercenary with max Backup DPS booster setup, it can take just 3/5 burst kill (0.3 seconds), making it even more overpowered.
    • One can even have the capability to dominate the dogfight just by using it.