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The City is the third level of Pixelated World in the Campaign Mode.



Hidden Coin

The coin is hidden behind the police car crash site in the street.

Hidden Gem

When you first spawn, there is a tank near an ice cream truck. Behind the tank is a gem.


After not getting to the Cemetery in time and finding a dead man, the Male Survivor sees a paper with an evacuation plan that is in the city, and goes there by driving in an abandoned police car.


It's a big infected city with crashed vehicles and tanks inside. You will find many hiding spots here. In the center of the City, there are many medic camps with computers and corpses in it. The outer part of the map is surrounded by streets and wooden walls.


  • There is an ice-cream truck that plays music, the same music is used for the carousel in Scary Pizzeria.
  • The doors uses the same models as wooden doors from Minecraft. Other materials such as Wood and Brick walls also have the same model.
  • Surprisingly, this and Bridge are the only maps in the campaign where is the military is present, it could imply that the military was unprepared for the invasion, or many have evacuated from the city.
  • In early versions of the game, this map did not have any obstacles, medical tents, body bags nor vehicles in it. Those features were later added in the 2.7.0 update.
  • This used was formerly a multiplayer map with the name of 'City of The Dead' when multiplayer was first implemented.


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