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The Code Dragon is an enemy found in the 5th level titled ??? in the Crossed Worlds.


The shape is identicial to the Dragon, but the body is all black with yellow borders around the edges of each body segment, and they have pale, almost pink, glowing eyes. They are immune to area damage weapons, as the projectiles will just simply travel through them, making battling them with area damage weapons frustrating.


Similar to the Dragon's behavior. It has moderate maneuvering skills.


Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy 4 Heart new 40 Heart new Moderate
Medium 4 Heart new 50 Heart new Moderate
Hard 4 Heart new 60 Heart new Moderate


  • They are just reskinned versions of the Dragon from the Parallel World.
  • Like its predecessor, the Dragon, it somewhat resembles the Ender Dragon from Minecraft.
  • When these monsters die, they will fall to the ground and vanish, unlike the Dragon.

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