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The Code Wizard is an enemy in the 5th campaign level titled ??? in the campaign world Crossed Worlds.


It looks like the Wizard Boss except with a more matrix theme. It's black with purple borders and has red eyes. It also carries a Wizard Wand with purple borders that can shoot purple orbs which have the wall-break effect.


It will run towards the player and when it's at a close enough distance, it will fire purple orbs at the player that can wall-break through objects.


Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy 2 Heart new 25 Heart new Moderate
Medium 2 Heart new 30 Heart new Moderate
Hard 2 Heart new 35 Heart new Moderate or Fast


  • It is a matrix version of the Wizard Boss with the same characteristics.
  • It wields a code version of the Wizard Wand.
  • This is a lot weaker than the original Wizard Boss.

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