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Pixel Gun 3D Coins

Ever since the 4.4 update, coin farming is easier than ever!

However, many updates later, RiliSoft has patched coin farming, making coins harder to obtain. Don't worry, there are multiple methods how to earn easy coins! In addition, if you want to level up, this tutorial has EXP methods too!

First Method

Equip your best Weapons, Wear and Gadgets and fight players, then keep on going first place, you will earn 2Coin and 10 EXP. This may not be the best way to farm coins nor may always work, but while doing this method, fight in the way you can complete the daily quests at the same time. If you have no multiplayer quests to do, move on to a different method.


You can do the same method, but everytime a match finishes, leave the server and go to a different server, as you will usually have less time to fight during matches. Be sure there aren't any tryhards or players who have scores that you can reach in different servers.

Second Method

Go on to Co-op Survival and create a server. Do NOT create it with a password, because servers with passwords will NOT give you a reward. Do not name is "Don't join" or something because some players would join. Give your server a spam name like "saqsnwebysa" or something like that. After creating a server, keep on fighting monsters. Every 4 minutes, you will earn 3Coin and 20 EXP. Good if you want to level up easily. If a player or two joined and dominated over your score, leave the server and repeat. 

If you want tips for Co-op Survival, see here

Third Method

If you are skilled enough to use weapons that are in Deadly Games, then Deadly Games is your perfect method. Why? Because if you kill all 5 opponents, you will earn 6Coin and, in addition, 13 EXP. Even if you have only 1 kill and you win, the least you will earn is 2Coin and EXP. Note that only the last player standing will receive the reward, depending on his/her kill amount, nobody else will win. One last thing, beware of people knifing you at the start. For more information, see the page.

If you want tips for Deadly Games, you can see here, here and here (the third link is for Afternoon Battlefield).

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