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This is about the Arena map, if you are looking for the multiplayer map counterpart, please see Colosseum (Multiplayer).

Colosseum is the first Arena map introduced in the 4.0.0 update, but in the 8.0.0 update, it is currently one of the 8 maps in Arena.


The map is somewhat similar to the multiplayer map counterpart, however the middle of the arena is empty, and its setting is at night while the multiplayer version is at daytime. There are 4 gateways where the enemies spawn.

Outside of the arena includes four knight statues wielding weapons such as the Wizard Wand, the Fire Demon, a Crystal Double Axe, even an Evil Pig Hammer. Four dragon statues, adjacent to the arena are also present.


  • It is possible to escape the arena and reach the map boundaries by Rocket Jumping, or using a Jetpack. However, going beyond the map boundaries will kill the player instantly.
  • This is the first survival map in the Survival gamemode, though the 8.0.0 added a few more maps.
  • In the Survival version of the map, one statue holds a Wizard Wand and a book, one holds a double bladed Warrior Axe Up1, one holds an Fire Demon, and the last one holds an Evil Pig Hammer.
  • In a recent update, a cosmetic red portal surrounded by a gold thing has been introduced. It can be seen in the center of the top of the map.

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