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The Combat Rifle Up2, formerly called the "Rambo's Rifle", is a Primary weapon introduced in the 5.0.0 update. It is the third and the final form of the Combat Rifle.


This weapon is based off of the real life M16A3 with an added scope resembling an ACOG scope and with an
Combat Rifle in Use

Combat Rifle Up2 in use

under-barrel bayonet. It is almost identical to the Combat Rifle, except a cosmetic bayonet has been attached to the end of the barrel, and a scope has been attached to it. The color is also a snow camouflage, with a tint of blue.


It has medium damage, high rate of fire, decent capacity, and average mobility.


  • This weapon has relatively low mobility compared to other upgraded weapons, which makes dodging more difficult, so it is best used with equipment that boosts mobility to enhance dodging ability.
  • Keep in mind despite having a bayonet it is a cosmetic addition and therefor it will not do melee damage.
  • This weapon can gather a lot of recoil when fired continuously, which makes firing in bursts effective at range.
  • Curiously, this weapon's high recoil can enable it to fulfill two roles: at long range, burst fire or scoping is more effectively employed than spraying at full auto, the recoil of which can help when fighting a quickly moving opponent or into a group of enemies. This can counter the AK-48 (and upgrades) at closer ranges due to the firepower and margin for error at such a proximity.
  • It has good advantage to about any land, mobile targets.
  • With the 4x optical scope, it does not gather much recoil, allowing fully automatic fire from long ranges.
  • It is best used in long distance or precise shooting with the scope if burst-fire tactics provide too little firepower, such as against armored opponents.


  • Flanking the user is a good option. Due to the all-around nature of this weapon, the element of surprise is a benefit, however, don't try to melee the user, as this weapon's fast fire rate can shred you in seconds.
  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Area damage weapons easily picks off its users as the blasts messes with their aim.
  • Take cover when someone uses this weapon on you.
  • It has inaccuracy, so airborne lessens the risk of getting hit while damaging the user from above.


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Supported maps

Weapon Setups

Bring an area damage gun to rocket jump to easily travel around a map.


  • This is one of the few weapons that have a spazzing animation when firing (along with the Hellraiser and the Eindringling).
  • The camo on the rifle is similar to an arctic camo style.
  • It features an exclusive bayonet (similar to the Combat Knife) that currently is for decoration.
  • The Combat Rifle Up2 was previously called Rambo's Rifle.
  • The Combat Rifle Up2 looks similar to the Army Rifle except the latter has a grenade launcher instead of a bayonet (both decorational). The Army Rifle is also a dark green color, and the Rambo's Rifle is better in damage, capacity, and it has a better scope.
  • It's damage was nerfed from 12 to 10 in the 11.3.0 update.
  • In the 8.0.0 update the capacity has been changed from 42 to 40 rounds.
  • It is one of the many guns with a cosmetic accessory.
  • The base form and Up1 of this weapon didn't have a scope, but the last upgrade has it.
  • This weapon received a major buff in the recent update, having an efficiency of 27.