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The Crossbow Up2 is the third and final upgrade of the Crossbow. It is located at the Sniper section of the Armory.


It has a wooden handhold, with a crystal-like aqua blue arm stretched across it. It appears to also have a crystal-like aqua blue tipped arrow loaded.


Due to its good damage, high capacity, normal rate of fire, and high mobilty. It can be used in several stragistic ways and countering its users.


  • Get up close, and aim for the head.
  • It can be used to quickly finish off any low-medium armored players.


  • Stay in a medium range far from a player equipped with this, try not to get close.
  • Its users can be easily picked off from long ranges
  • Due the users are fast and can approach you quickly. Use a high fire rate weapon incase they are making uncommon movement patterns whilst approaching you.
  • Use area damage weapons to easily 'grind' those users.




Medieval Themed
Screenshot 2015-07-30-23-16-07

The Crossbow Up2 in use.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Approach with a powerful Melee weapon, or a high fire rate weapon.


  • In a previous update, the Crystal Crossbow, Magic Bow, and the wand cannot shoot through walls due to complaints, but later shooting through walls was re-added. In the 2nd Christmas update, wall shooting is removed but headshots are added for these weapons.
  • It was referred to as the Diamond Crossbow, but was changed due to copyright issues.
  • When you run out of ammo an crossbow quarrel is still shown.
  • In Sniper Forts, this weapon is not allowed and is replaced by one of a player's other Sniper weapons.