Cubic.Games, also or formerly known as "RiliSoft", "STAROBEAST Limited", "Pixel Gun Company" or "Alex Kransov", is the company that has developed Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World. They have also developed two other games, which have been both removed from app stores, possibly to focus on the development of Pixel Gun 3D.


Unlike most companies, Cubic.Games have committed a few crimes, but some aren't actually confirmed:

  • At some point(s), they were able to scam the players from buying microtransactions from Pixel Gun 3D, meaning that if a player bought something from the game, they won't receive the contents from the in-app purchase, but the company will receive the money.
  • They kept on changing their company name and identity to prevent getting sued from an additional crime that they have done, which is copying or stealing content from other franchises without permission or a license, most notably from companies like Valve, Blizzard Entertainment, Nintendo, and Activision.
  • It is possible that they own a few Minecraft-themed games, such as the Minecraft version of Clash Royale, Block City Wars, among others.
  • It is possible that Pixel Gun World was intentionally created as a setup for money, which is a possible reason why the game has been shut down. They have promised to bring back Pixel Gun World a couple months after it was shut down, but they never did so, as they actually ran with everyone's money, and didn't bother bringing back Pixel Gun World.
  • It is possible that RiliSoft (formerly located in Russia) sold Pixel Gun 3D to a company in Cyprus called Starobeast Limited (now Cubic Games).  

However, the company rarely listening to the players or having the "Pay-to-win behavior" is not a crime they have committed, but rather a behavior not many would appreciate. They have had this behavior around the 8.0.0 and the 9.0.0 updates.


  • They have considered developing browser games, but no browser game is available yet.
  • The title of their website is called "Mad Cube World".
  • Regarding the Pixel Gun 3D Revolution: In the post 14.1.2 update, a huge change in the company happened. According to what the Developers said, they dismissed incompetent colleagues and welcomed capable managers. They also promised to bring back the "Good Old Days" of Pixel Gun 3D, which means that everything is skill-based. It is yet unknown what the future of the Game would be, but the community is waiting expectantly.