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The Cyber Phoenix is a Mythical Pet introduced in the 12.5.3 update.


It appears as the Phoenix, but with a cyber theme. It has a silver and orange head with a cyan top, with a wide, steel neck. Its body is mostly metallic and orange, and has some cyber-like details on it. The upper part of its bottom is metallic and orange, while the lower part is black. Its tail is made out of cyber, and the same thing with its wings. The cyber borders are cyan, while the rest of the cyber is made out of barriers from maps or the Barrier Rifle.


This guy has your back , if you see it approaching an opponent you haven't quite pinned-down, leave it to the bird. Then focus on who's coming up behind you or on the side of you.


  • The Cyber Phoenix deals terrifyingly high damage to armor-less or low level players making it a great starter pet.
  • Since the Cyber Phoenix is a Mythical pet you can use it to surprise unsuspecting enemies.
  • If you're a sniper, get this pet with strong armor so players behind you would be killed by the Cyber Phoenix.
    • Your Cyber Phoenix teleports to you when you are far away so you don't have to worry about it getting "lost" when you rocket jump.


  • It has low health meaning that it can be exterminated in around 2-5 shots from a Primary weapon with normal to high damage.
  • Kill it when using weapons with a high fire rate and great accuracy, such as the Crystal Laser Cannon.
  • Be aware that when killing, it will explode, so stay away from killing it from close range.


Level Attack Health Speed Respawn Upgrade Cost Level Required
1 6 20 6 15 Default 1
2 8 28 6 15 100 Coin 7
3 11 36 6 15 200 Coin 12
4 14 44 6 15 300 Coin 17
5 17 52 6 15 400 Coin 22
6 20 60 6 15 300 Gem 27
7 23 68 6 15 400 Gem 32


Cyber themed.


  • It is the first pet with a Gadget Blocker attribute.
  • It is the cyber counterpart of the Phoenix.
  • This and the T-Rex are cyber pets.