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The Dark Force Saber Up2 is a Melee weapon and an upgrade to the Dark Force Saber introduced in the 10.0.0 update. It is the 2nd and final form of the Dark Force Saber.


It has a black and grey hilt, with a red laser-blade coming from the top. The grey is at the bottom, and the black is at the top. The grey part of the hilt has red buttons on it.

Coloredlight sabers

Multiple color lightsabers can be found in Area 52 Labs.


It has an excellent mobility, very high damage, and good attack speed. This makes it very useful to escape enemy fire and attacking enemies.


  • Try sneaking up behind enemies, you can catch them off guard by doing this.
  • Use the high mobility to outmaneuver enemies while attacking.
  • Very high mobility, fastest weapon in the game. Can be used as a mobility booster by equipping it when not using other weapons.
  • As this weapon has the highest mobility in the game, it can be used to escape the pull of Singular Grenades or the movement-impairing pools of the Sticky Candy.
  • Due to its high mobility, this can be useful for escaping from Sniper users with ease.


  • Have a fast firing, long ranged weapon against its users.
  • Move away from the user, it does not have a large range.
  • Use an area damage weapon, as the weapon's high mobility, makes it hard to aim with any other weapon.
  • Use the Ghost Lantern on its users.
    • Other users using this may also carry the Ghost Lantern, so be cautious.
  • Use weapons with "Slows the Target" trait, where it will cause its users to slow down and stapled to the ground for awhile, but use this short-time window to dish out lethal damage to the vulnerable user.




High-Tech; Futuristic; Star-Wars.

Supported Maps

Weapon setups

Have a long-ranged weapon to act as a sidearm.


  • It resembles a lightsaber from the famous movie series 'Star Wars', by Lucas Films.
  • This is currently the only weapon you'll find with a mobility of 140 (1 weight). It has the highest mobility out of all the weapons in the entire game.
  • In the map Area 52 Labs, there are different colored versions of this including a double-sided version.
  • In the earliest versions of Pixel Gun 3D, the Dark Force Saber used to be in the Heavy category.
  • In the 13.5.0 update, this weapon received a buff, along with minor changes to its stats. The efficiency was buffed from 25 to 26, it's weight has been reverted back to a new mobility system of 100.
  • This weapon also has a new combat level due to the introduction of the new "combat level" system in Pixel Gun 3d. Currently, it has a combat level of 13.
  • In the 12.6.1 update, it was given the Burning attribute.
    • The appearance also changed slightly; the white parts of the hilt were turned to a light grey.