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The Dater Hater Up1 is an upgrade to the Dater Hater introduced in the 9.2.0 Valentine update.


It has a red/yellow base, a red and white handle with a red heart in the middle, a yellow stock with what seems to be red pressurized gas canister. It also has 4 yellow barrels which house a pink-tipped flechette each. It also included a 10x scope.


Like its predecessor, despite having a long-rage scope, this is also very effective at close-medium range as well. 


  • Use this weapon while ambushing players, so that you can get some damage in before they react.
  • It says that it has the silent trait, although players hear you if they are close enough.


  • Pick off its users from long ranges.



A Valentine's Day-themed gun, ironically not made for love.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Have a longer-ranged weapon to combat snipers or long range attackers.


  • This gun, along with Last Kiss, were implemented by the Pixel Gun Company to target daters, who often use the in-game chat for their purposes. This is frowned upon by many players.
  • This weapon resembles a flechette launcher (flechette is a French word that means a thrown or launched projectile).
  • It seems to be a modern interpretation of Cupid's love-inducing bow and arrows.
  • The weapon seems to bear a slight resemblance to the hellsing from the Metro series.
  • This gun name in spanish is "Lanzador de agujas", which means "Needle Launcher".
  • This gun is exactly like the Spear Gun from Blitz Brigade except for the scope and the hearts.
  • Despite it being a sniper, it wasn't used in Sniper Forts before. But after 10.2.0 when it was reimplemented, it has been enabled in Sniper Forts.
  • The Pixel Gun Company posted an Facebook article that asked players for adding back this gun due lots of peoples' requests of putting this gun back.
  • Due to the Pixel Gun Company adding an upgrade which is the Dater Hater Up2, the lethality was nerfed from 19 to 16.