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The Demon Sword is a Melee weapon introduced in the 13.2.1 update.


It appears to be an exact re-skin of the Core Sword.

It has a crimson/yellow grip, crimson hilt, silver blade, crimson body, and a yellow eye at the bottom.



  • Due to its relatively slow attacking speed, it is essential for you to make the most out of each attack by aiming for the head in order to maximize the damage. It is a one shot kill on the head to an adamant armor player and two body shots.
  • Since it is a Melee weapon, it has incredibly short range, which therefore means that you should be a close to enemy player as possible to deliver some damage.
  • It is beneficial to equip gear like the Berserk Boots or Maniac Mask that increases the mobility to corner the enemy quickly.


  • You can quickly pick off its users with a longer range weapon like a sniper or use any area damage weapon to damage the player, since this weapon doesn't have area damage.
  • Using any of the primaries or fast firing weapon is also ideal, since it takes relatively long for the weapon's user to deliver each shots. This would consequently drain the user quickly, therefore using the Dual Laser Blasters or the Crystal Laser Cannon is very ideal in this situation.
  • If caught in close combat (or if you are in Knife Party), then use weapons such as Storm Hammer or Chip Sword to keep them away. Even the Core Sword will work, but be sure to not waste swings.


Demonic themed

Supported Maps

Knife Party

Weapon Steups


  • It is an exact re-skin of the Core Sword, along with other re-skins introduced in the 13.2.1 update.
  • This and the Monster Blaster share the same color scheme.
  • There was glitch for a short amount of time where the demon sword's weight was 1 (shown on the picture at the top), which made it the weapon with the highest mobility in the game.