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Disco Turrent

The Disco Ball is one of the sandbox-exclusive gadgets introduced in the 10.1.0 update.


It looks like a grey turret from the bottom with speakers on the sides, with a black, spinning disco ball with multiple bright colors which are red, blue, green, yellow, cyan and magenta. Each side has a square-shaped center with a green light in the center of each center.


The Disco Ball acts like a Turret. It can be deployed anywhere on the map. When a player gets close to it, disco-like music will emit out of the turret.


Currently, the Disco Ball costs 5Gem.

Disco Ball Theme - Pixel Gun 3D Soundtrack03:06

Disco Ball Theme - Pixel Gun 3D Soundtrack


  • It seems like the bottom of this gear looks like it came from the Turret.
  • The disco ball is not entirely solid. If one jumps onto the disco ball, that player would quickly come to notice that he is standing on top of the brown box instead of the ball.
  • You can stack these on top of each other if there are other players with disco balls.
  • The Disco Ball itself has a soundtrack.
  • It is possible to trap players with it, by making them go to the small cabin in Quiet Island, then having a Disco Ball deployed at the entrance.

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