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The Dragon King is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 13.2.0 update.


It is a re-skin, and slightly more powerful version of the Dragon Breath.

It is a relatively flat weapon with a blue and purple color scheme. There is a purple blue box with a flame design in a lighter color that is likely housing the internals of the laser. The front leads off to a magenta barrel where the laser is likely funneled in to be focused. To the back of the box there is a purple battery with a black lightning bolt on it. This battery holds the ammo and is replaced during a reload. Coming off the box on its top an bottom are decorative sky blue sheets with blue stripes. The top one has three purple spikes serving as iron sights and a magenta eye to sell the dragon look. The bottom one has blue parts hanging down for decoration, a purple grip that doesn't have groves for the index finger and thumb, and a sky blue handle with a purple trigger.

It fires a skyblue beam with variations in its "vrrr" sound making it sound less controlled.


It has a high fire rate, high ammo capacity, relatively lightweight and deals high damage.


  • Not a spray and pray weapon. Dispite the large ammo, it is best to conserve it as it helps it to stay in fire fights longer.
  • String as many shots as you can preferably in the head, don't hold down the fire button if you are missing.
  • Performs best at medium range away from close range threats like the Ghost Lantern and outperform other medium-range weapons like Nanobots Rifle. It will struggle at longer ranges.


  • Use any one-shot weapons to kill them quickly.
  • Users are vulnerable when they are reloading.
  • You may engage them using a sniper weapon from afar, however, be aware that a skilled person can still hit you in long ranges.


Dragon themed.

Supported Maps

Block Crash

Weapon Setups

A sniper for those who are to far away, maybe a rifle like the Marksman (PG3D) to take out jetpack users.