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The Dual Laser Blasters is a weapon introduced in 11.0.0 update. It can be found in the Backup section of the Armory. This is the first form of the Dual Laser Blasters.


The weapon has a blue-purple body, handle, and barrel. A green light is located on the middle of the body. It also has a white coil with a green tip. Red accents can also be seen at the trigger and the coil. A blue chip can be seen at the bottom of the two guns. A grey handle on top of the blue chip can also be seen. A dim red light on top the grey handle can be seen too.


The Dual Laser Blasters are armed with an excellent lethality, accompanied with 40 rounds in its capacity. It also has a satisfactory fire rate. It is best used between levels 17 and 26.


  • Aim for the head to maximize the damage.
  • Use this in close to medium range for a less complicated duel.
  • Burst fire, for an even more advanced accuracy and ammunition conservation. Don't be fooled, it has a fire rate way faster than 83.
  • Try to sneak behind a player or somewhere the player can't see you to shoot them so you could have a better advantage of killing them.


  • Pick off its users from long range.
  • As this Backup weapon has the Laser attribute, use it to your advantage so that you can locate the user location.



Alien themed/futuristic themed

Supported Maps


Weapon Setups

Have a long ranged weapon.


  • The overall appearance of this weapon is vaguely similar to the Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol from the Halo series, but has been adapted into more of a handgun structure and has become a dual weapon.
  • It is the only backup weapon and dual weapon to have the laser property.
  • It is the second-most expensive pistol to acquire by Gem, the first being Dual Hawks.
  • If players reached a high enough level, they would be capable of acquiring Up1 version in the armory, skipping the first form.
  • Even though it says 83 rpm, it should be 100.
    • However, in the 11.4.0 update, the actual fire rate value has been fixed.

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