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The Dual Revolver in use.

The Dual Revolvers are a Backup weapon introduced in the 9.0.4 update.


There is a brown handle on the bottom with a small sliver barrel (the revolvers).



  • Use it in medium-close ranges. Aim for the head for an easy kill.
  • This can be used to pick off melee users. If you are lucky to kill them easily with it.


  • Attack from long ranges.
  • Ambush its user while his attention is diverted/focused onto another player.
  • Quickly kill its users before he can kill you, especially if you have low armor.



An U.S Western cowboy and early 1900's & mid 1800's.

Supported Maps

Any medium to short distance maps. Such as Pool Party.

Weapon Setups

Have a scoped weapon to attack from long ranges then use the revolvers to finish the target off.


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