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The Dual Uzi Up1 is an upgrade to the Dual Uzi. It is the first primary weapon that uses 2 guns in each hand.


The Uzis are mostly black and gold with 3 red stripes running vertically on the sides close to the middle.


This weapon has a large capacity and very high fire rate. On the downside it's mobility is quite low.


  • This does not have a scope so it's advised to get within medium range of your target.


  • Take advantage of this weapons low mobility to sneak up on the user with a melee weapon.


Dual Uzi Up2


Racing car themed.

Supported Maps

Weapon setups

This weapon would be very effective along with the Freeze Ray Rifle. The range and mobility of the Freeze ray coupled with the Dual Uzi's power will be useful in any situation.


  • When holding this weapon it will actually make your characters arms much darker.
  • A single Uzi-Uzi does 4 damage but however, dual Uzis do 16 damage.
  • It was one of the three weapons that are dual-wield, the others being the Dual Machine GunsDual Revolvers and Dual Hawks.