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The Electro Blast Rifle Up1 is a weapon introduced in the 10.0.0 update. It can be found in the Sniper section of the Armory. It is the second and the final form of the Electro Blast Rifle.


Just like its predecessor, it is an energy sniper rifle with a yellow and slightly blue colored scope, a yellow and black base, a battery clip with a yellow lightning bolt on it, and a long black barrel with four black beams and a yellow end surrounding a long blue core.


It is really powerful along with a rather low fire rate and a pretty good capacity.


  • It is best used for long-range attacks with a scope allowing for better and accurate shots against enemies.
  • This weapon can kill no armor snipers easily due to the area damage effect, don't forget to move around to avoid getting killed.
  • Aim for the feet, as this weapon has an AoE effect.
  • Use it for attacking anyone with mechs.
  • If someone is behind a wall, try to shoot near that wall.
  • Combine with the fireball spell to continuously fire deadly explosions so you don't have to wait.


  • It has a low rate of fire, so while the opponent attacking you is waiting for the next shot, try to attack them as good as you can.
  • Avoid short-range areas and attack the opponent at long range, where it is possibly harder for him/her to kill you when you attack.
    • A flaw to this technique is that these users can use this weapon in both long and short ranges. One of the only ways to counter them inall ranges is with experience.
  • Try and run circles around when they're waiting to fire, the shot might either miss or kill them from the AoE effect.
  • Try to stay away from nearby walls, as the enemy could shoot at the wall and land a hit.




Electric Themed

Supported Maps


Weapon Setups

Use a weapon or item that has better mobility for easier traveling around maps.


  • It does have area damage, but the description of it in the Armory does not say that, for some odd reason.
  • It is the first area damage weapon to not have a travel time.
  • Even though the description says it has a x10 scope, it only has a x4 scope.
  • In the 10.0.0 update, a crackling electric shield surrounds the railgun part, making it extremely visible even in thick fog.
  • This is the first and the only weapon having the 10X scope (actually the 4X in-game) that features an Area Damage feature,