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The Evil Bug, as known as "The Bug", is an unrecoverable error unintentionally made by The Creator while he was creating a game. It is also the boss for the single-player Campaign mission, ???.


It is all black but has red borders all around itself. It has three heads, one big (middle), one medium (left), and one small (right).

The big head has one eye on the right side. It also has a kind of mouth. The medium head has two eyes and a few teeth. The small one is just a miniature version of the medium sized head. It has a giant glowing red thing in the middle of his chest.

Its arms seem to be limp because it is dragging them. It has short, stubby legs. Apparently, its arm on the left is bigger than its arm on the right. Its arm on the right is slightly longer than its arm on the left.


Evil Bug turned everything cubical and ruined Newbie's world. Newbie finds The Creator who asks him to find and destroy Evil Bug. Newbie then gets into the game using a "Blockeye" ("Blockulus" on iOS devices) and defeats the monster. At the end of the fight, Evil Bug turns Newbie into a bug and exiles him on the Internet.


It will quickly approach the player and deals high damage by flailing its arms.

It also has the ability to teleport, where it uses this gap-closing ability as an opportunity to ambush the player due to the shortened distance.

Upon defeating the boss, the player will be able to get the 0xbadc0de.


  • Keep an eye out for when he teleports, he would most likely teleport behind you.
  • Simply run and strafe while using your primary to kill it.
  • The Jetpack may prove very effective in helping you get away from this boss.
  • Keep moving and don't stop running.
  • Aim for the head to get headshots.


  • Although Evil Bug is referred to as The Bug in the Story Comics, upon defeating the boss, the player will receive a pop-up saying "Evil Bug defeated! Crossed Worlds chapter completed!", confirming its name.
  • There is a Siege Monster based on this Boss known as the Mini Bugs.
  • Evil Bug was the first enemy to possess the teleportation power. Slender Man also gained the ability to teleport in the 10.5.0 update.
  • The Dragon, Wizard Boss, and Evil Bug are the only bosses that spoke at least once in the Story Comics.
  • After defeating the boss, you'll unlock a new weapon 0xBadc0de which can be found in the Heavy section of the Armory.
  • It is the only boss in Crossed Worlds to drop a weapon.
    • It is also the only boss in the whole Campaign to drop a weapon you actually can use in real battles.
  • Its three heads are somewhat similar to the 'Wither' from the game Minecraft.
  • In the Pixel Gun World forums, a RiliSoft employee has used a picture of Evil Bug, replacing the speech bubble text "How could you defeat me?" with "Technical break!". This has happened only a few times when the PGW admins wanted to make a technical break.
  • This and Slender Man are the only bosses with the ability to teleport.
  • In clan siege the Mini Bugs siege monster can also teleport

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