This article describes gadgets in general. For the category, see Gadgets.


An example of a gadget (Resurrection).

Gadgets are items that can support a player (and their pet if they equipped one), giving them temporary advantages after use, or aid other players in many situations. They can be bought in the Armory both in Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World. 4 gadgets appear in both games.

On the controls, if you have more than one gadget (you can equip up to 3 gadgets at a time), the gadget panel indicates the prepared gadget. The panel is collapsed by default. To switch into a different gadget, players need to swipe on the left (right if left handed), which expands the panel then tap on the desired gadget that they want to use. Note that this fact is referring Pixel Gun 3D's gadget system.

Pixel Gun 3D

More than 25 gadgets are exclusive to Pixel Gun 3D.

Gadget Types


Throwable gadgets are gadgets that can be thrown from a player into a specific spot. Most of the throwable gadgets are explosive, generally dealing a certain amount of damage.


Tools are gadgets that can support you, and mostly drawback other players. Some tools may deal damage.


Supportive gadgets are gadgets that support your gameplay. Some supportive gadgets may recover your health, give you a killing machine, temporarily boost the damage that you deal, or support your gameplay in other ways.

Pixel Gun World

Only 1 gadget is exclusive to Pixel Gun World. Due to the small amount of gadgets in Pixel Gun World, there was no sub-category/ gadget type for them.


  • If the panel stays expanded, the panel closes 5 seconds after expanding it.
  • Pixel Gun World gadgets have no official sub-category.

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