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Green Slime

The Old Green Slime Texture.

The Green Slime is a very common enemy found on many levels in the campaign.


Damage: 1 Heart new

Health: 2-3 Heart new

Speed: Fast


It appears to be a green cube with a smaller green cube with a face coming out the front. It only has one eye and has 4 black 'teeth'. Its skin is a variety of many different shades of green. It has 4 cubes throughout its entire body.


They will hastly crawl their way over to the player. At the last second, it will extend its "face" to "bite" or "head-butt" the player, dealing minimal damage.



  • Due to copyright issues with Mojang, the Pixel Gun Company was forced to change the model and appearance of the Green Slime.
  • The Ice Slime, Red Slime, and the Orange Slime are recolors of it. The Red Slime Boss is a bigger version of a recolored version (Red Slime).
  • This is one of the weakest enemies in the game, the others being the SpiderRobot Drone, and other crawling mobs.
  • It is unknown how the slimes were created. Campaign mostly focuses on a zombie apocalypse. Perhaps some chemical was infected during the outbreak.