Green Space Alien

The Green Space Alien is an enemy in the Space Station level in the Crossed Worlds campaign. It looks like a more advanced version of the Alien in Area 52.


Its skin color is dark green, and each Alien carries a different weapon along with a different colored suit, which this one had a green scheme. These aliens wield a small version of the Dark Force Saber.


Easy Mode

  • Damage: 3 Heart new
  • Health: 3-4 Heart new
  • Speed: Fast

Medium Mode

  • Damage: 3 Heart new
  • Health: 4-5 Heart new
  • Speed: Fast

Hard Mode

  • Damage: 3 Heart new
  • Health: 5-6 Heart new
  • Speed: Fast


Green Space Aliens will move towards the player and attacks them with their Dark Force Saber.

Screenshot 2014-03-29-13-01-33

The weapon they wield, which has been removed from the Armory.


  • They carry a Dark Space Saber, which is no longer in the Armory.
  • Just like the Soldiers in Megalopolis, the aliens in the Space Station have different colored suits indicating different weapons they carry.
  • Also like the Soldiers, they have Jetpacks that they can use.