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This content is available in both Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World! If this is a game content, its counterpart is described in another article!
Both PG
This article describes a Pixel Gun 3D weapon. If you are looking for the same weapon in Pixel Gun World, see Guerrilla Rifle Up1 (PGW).

The Guerrilla Rifle Up1 is the second form of the Guerrilla Rifle. It is located at the Sniper section in the Armory.


It looks like the Guerrilla Rifle, except that the brown sections of the weapon turn red, the nozzle looks cleaner, and the gun includes a black clip with a 10x scope.


The Guerrilla Rifle has normal capacity, average mobility, average efficiency, and moderately fast firing rate.


  • Due to the moderately fast firing rate, can be used to quickly tear enemy armor down.
  • It's quite effective against moderately fast targets.
  • Due to its many disadvantages in the higher levels, use this in lower levels.
  • Aim for the head to maximize the damage.
  • Go for the weakened players for better ammunition conserving, quicker kill registering and a less complicated duel.


  • Engage close ranged combats with its users to finish them off quickly.
  • Any weapons that higher firepower could easily defeats its users.




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Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Equip a Heavy weapon.


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