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The Guerrilla Rifle Up2 is the third and final upgrade for the Guerrilla Rifle, and was introduced in the 8.0.0 update. It is located in the Sniper section of the Armory.


The model for this gun is based off of a Russian Dragnov SVD sniper rifle.It has green forest camouflage all over it, with a blue-striped ammo clip and handle. It is (like almost all the other weapons) a re-skin. If you look closely, there is a tiny white skull on the side.


The Guerrilla Rifle Up2 is a sniper rifle with 10x scope and should be treated as such. This weapon is best suited at long range as it takes a single headshot and 2 bodyshots to kill without armour. This weapon has a clip size of 9 with 9 in reserve which can be filled up to 45 in reserve.


  • It is best used on large, open maps such as Parkour City and Sniper Forts.
  • This weapon offers a larger margin for error due to the high rate of fire, allowing more freedom to fire.
  • It works well when countering sniper rifles with a large shot interval such as the Prototype
  • This weapon is good at moving around the map while firing at enemies, making it a very versatile weapon. 
  • This gun works extremely well with the Automatic Peacemaker, by using the Peacemaker's high rate of fire to weaken a heavily armoured target and then headshot the target with a few rounds with the Guerilla Rifle. 


  • This weapon has quite low mobility so it's effective to rush the user with a high mobility gun then attack them with your melee weapon.
  • If you find a player camping with this weapon use a gun capable of killing the user in 1 shot or look for an opportunity to sneak behind them with your melee weapon.
  • It's small amount of ammo can be a hindrance to the user , use the time to attack when he or she reloads.


N/A (Final Upgrade)



Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Try to equip it with a Primary weapon lacking a scope (or with a 2x scope, reasonably low) for mid-long range encounters.


  • It's an odd fact how this and the Brutal Headhunter both had only a 4x scope when the map Sniper Forts was released featuring the Sniper Rifle which had a x10 scope.
  • Oddly, the strips on the clip aren't pixelated and appear very smooth.
  • The Scope seems to made of hard chromatic plating, adding a chrome effect similar to Half Life's weapons.