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The Hell Castle is the 5th level in Block World in the Campaign. It was removed from multiplayer in the 6.2.0 update.


It is a fenced off castle with 4 towers with staircase in each one leading to the upper hallways connected to each other and hallways on the bottom level that surround the towers and connect all around them.




After defeating the Snowman Mage in the Winter Island, Newbie and the Female Survivor travel to Hell Castle via getting from flat sheets of ice. The Female Survivor mentioned she saw scary shadows in Hell Castle while they were going down the staircases. She thinks they are still down there.

Hidden Coin and Gem.

The coin Coin is hidden on a ledge in a window in front of one of the 4 staircases. Just turn around when you are going up one.

On one of the ends of the castle facing the two towers is a statue of a cross. Rocket Jump to the top to find the gemGem.


  • The first method is to run around the map killing of enemies before they kill you. Avoiding the mages which shoot at you ranged (killing them first).
  • The second and more easier way is to rocket jump onto the top of the castle, kill most of the enemies, and then come down to kill the last few.
  • To defeat the boss, simply use a Gadget or a Heavy weapon to kill the mages which accompany it, just keep running and kill it.


  • Hell castle used to have two giant dead demon creatures pinned onto the two crosses at each side of the map, but however it was removed for unknown reasons most likely offended religious beliefs.
  • You can rocket jump over the fence and the barrier and explore the area around the map.
  • Upon jumping over though, the monsters somehow exit the map and chases you. Once you cross the lava however, they'll stop chasing you and possibly wanders in the area until the player returns.
  • This map was taken off of Multiplayer mode, most likely prior to the 6.2.0 update, where Heaven Garden was introduced.
  • It is based off of the Nether from "Minecraft".
    • As the fact that the Pixel Gun 3D used Minecraft's elements during its early stages. But later dealt copyright issues with Mojang. Causing some maps turn into their well-known forms to date.
  • There was a spelling error in the story comic where the Female Survivor said "Draon's" instead of "Dragon's".
  • Recently, a statue of a dead person in a cross, presumably Jesus, was removed, due to religious reasons.
    • The only thing that is left is the cross without a dead person.


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