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The Hitman Pistol Up2 in use.

Screenshot 2015-07-30-23-00-45

The 2X scope of the Hitman Pistol Up2.

The Hitman Pistol Up2 is a Backup weapon and the third and final form of Hitman Pistol.


It's based off of the real world MK-23 MOD 0 with a laser aiming module and suppressor attachment. It is red and black with a red and white polka dot pattern all over the gun.


It has high-medium damage, good rate of fire, fair capacity and high mobility.


  • Due to its high damage rating, it only takes 3 shots to take down a player and 1 head-shot if they are without any armor.
  • Like many other backup weapons it is recommended to use only if your primary is out of ammo due to its low ammo capacity however can still be effective used as a main weapon.
  • Make sure to take advantage of its fast fire rate to keep up with your targets movements.
  • This weapon is very well rounded with a decent amount of ammo in a clip, decent fire rate, and also a good reload time. Therefor, this weapon is very adaptable and can be used for various situations.
  • This weapon has a scope, use it so you can attack your enemies at longer ranges easier.


  • This weapon is a powerful sidearm, so if the player were to encounter an opponent with this equipped, its advised to use a weapon with high amounts of damage, and to shoot the opponent in the head in order to kill the opponent quickly, as head-shots that come from the Hitman Pistol Up2 can kill players rather quickly.




Poisonous mushroom themed.

Supported Maps


Weapon Setups

A good setup would be to use this weapon along with a shotgun as your primary and a sniper as your special. This allows you to fight effectively from any distance.


  • The Hitman Pistol Up2 was named after one of the most toxic mushrooms in the world, in the genus Amanita Muscaria. (the old name was Amanita).
  • This weapon is one of the strongest Backups in the game, as it only takes 1 headshot and 2-3 body shots if a player is not wearing armor.
  • The Hitman Pistol Up2 has the same sound of fire as the Swat Rifle (with the silencer), and both have a laser sight.
  • It seemed to have received a major buff in an unknown update.
  • It was previously called Amanita, then Killer Mushroom Up2, now it's currently called the Hitman Pistol Up2.
  • In the German version of the game it is called Todespilz, which means Death Mushroom in English.
  • In one update if you held this the bottom of your hand would change sides. (as you can see below the glove of the skin is on the wrong part.)