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The Icicle Minigun Up2 is a Primary weapon introduced in the 10.2.0 update. It is the third and final form of the Icicle Minigun.


It has a deep blue body, with a caution symbol and a snowflake. The weapon also has 4 ice barrels on the tip of the gun. And an ice blue iron sight.


The weapon has a large ammo clip so don't worry about firing too much because of its high ammo capacity. The recoil is also very low.


  • Try to keep your battles with this weapon on short to medium range maps and run while using it because it can slow an opponent down.
  • Use it when running since it can slow an opponent down.
  • Use in medium range battles between a hallway of some sort.
  • Because it is a minigun it has a large ammo clip so you shouldn't be worried about reloading.
  • Its recoil is very low, so don't mind firing too much.
  • If you are a skilled person, this could be used for long ranges.


  • Use an area damage weapon.
  • Move around a lot so people can use up their ammo.
  • Get at a long range so they have a hard time hitting you, but beware because a skilled enough player could still hit you with the icicle minigun.




Winter themed.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

The weapon has somewhat of a slow reload, a back-up weapon with a fast firing rate is recommended.


  • It is the 3rd minigun added into the game, first being the Automatic Peacemaker and the second being the Laser Minigun.
  • In the 11.0.0 update, this weapon could be bought for Coin instead of Gem.
  • Even though it doesn't mention it, the Icicle Minigun is actually silent.