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The Impulse Rifle is a Primary weapon introduced in the 12.5.0 update.


It features a similar pattern to the Railgun's lines on the barrel. A small 4x scope on the top is visible with a green filter and on the side of the scope. The rear side of the weapon is a checkerboard pattern.


It has a high fire rate, a low capacity (for a Primary weapon) an average weight, and above average damage once fully upgraded. This weapon has a relatively low recoil.


  • Wearing speed increasing accessories can help offset this weapon's slightly large weight.
  • It takes about a full clip of shots to kill a max armored player, so it should not be used at long range (unless you are an experienced player that is).
  • This weapon does rather low damage and cannot get headshots due to it dealing area damage, so use this in close-medium ranges.
  • When engaging in close range combat, aim for the feet or any surface area near the enemy, since this has area damage.
    • Trying to get headshots are useless since this weapon has area damage and is incapable of doing headshots of any kind.
  • Use the scope for long-range purposes.
  • Reload constantly as this weapon has a very small capacity for a rapid-fire weapon.
    • Reloading after every kill is ideal with this weapon.
  • Due to its low capacity, accuracy is key to making it a useful primary.
    • The scope will be very helpful in all cases; medium and especially long ranges,


  • Since this weapon can be quite deadly in capable hands, it is an effective strategy to try and sneak up behind enemy players using this gun.
  • Pickoff its users from long ranges.
  • Use a high-damage dealer, such as the Minigun Shotgun, or the Adamant Laser Cannon to make quick work of the user.
  • This weapon does not have the ability to deal headshot damage to other players and thanks to the fact that this weapon isn't very overpowered, you can afford to take a couple of hits.
  • Try to stay away from any surfaces, either the ground or the wall.
  • Although being in the primary section, this weapon can very easily kill you in long ranges.
  • Taking cover would remain one of your best options to avoid these users.


Futuristic themed.

Supported Maps

Medium ranged maps like Warehouse Assault.

Weapon Setups

Have a higher-capacity weapon such as the Nail Minigun as this gun drains ammo quite quickly.


  • It is the first instant travel time Primary weapon to feature area damage, albeit in a very tiny radius.
  • It is the third weapon being included in the "Impulse" variety of weapons, the first being the Impulse Sniper Rifle and the second being the Impulse Minigun.
  • It is the most expensive Primary weapon that costs coins; it costs 550 Coin(385 on discount).
  • In the most recent 13.5.0 update, this weapon's ammo capacity has been slightly increased from 20 to 25, making this weapon the primary with the lowest ammo capacity in the game.
  • When killing the player, the said player will turn to ashes and then crumble into pieces.