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Infected Prison, also known as "Prison" in Campaign, is the 6th stage of Pixelated World.


This is a prison facility with a basketball court, an electric chair room, main office, jail room with beds, some corridors, a locker room, a room with 'keep all hands in plain view at all times' written all over the room, and a strange painting. The prison is based off of Alcatraz, as the helicopter is based off the Warehouse Assault map. The bridge from the previous level is visible from the courtyard.



Story Comic

The Survivor finds that the helicopter has crashed at the top of the cursed "Alcatraz". He then jumps off the bridge, after realizing that monsters were just behind him and manages to get into the crashed helicopter.

Hidden Coin

Walk through the strange painting in a cell and look around to find the coin, However on hard mode enemies spawn quickly in this area, so it is advised to kill all of them then get it on easy or medium mode.

Hidden Gem

The gem is on the second floor of the prison cell block, around the corner of where there's an exit outside.



  • It is unknown how the island got infected. Seeing how it is isolated from the main land, and no flying monsters are present.
    • Although any flying transportations (the helicopter in the story comic above for example) might have landed with a monster with it and have infected the people in the Prison. But the actual reason remains unknown.
  • It is very based Alcatraz Island.
  • In the loading screen. You will see a prisoner execution device: An Electric Chair . It might be an electric chair due to the electric symbols found and its switch on the left side.
  • It was removed from multiplayer in the 10.6.0 update.

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