The Injured Spitter is a new ranged enemy introduced in the 10.0.0 update only found in the School map.


It seems to be a mummy, with no arms and only the face being revealed. It is the standard for all venomous enemies, a green mouth and eyes. It may be a Mummy enemy from Desert that fell into an acid pool.


It will silently creep into a clear line of sight, then launch a projectile at the player. The telltale sign for this creature making an attack is that it will rear back its head, and fling it forward and spit the poisonous projectile.



Damage: 1 Heart new

Speed: Slow

Health: 1-2 Heart new


Damage: 1 Heart new

Speed: Slow

Health: 2 Heart new


Damage: 1 Heart new

Speed: Slow

Health: 3-4 Heart new


  • The mob seems to be similar to the Creeper from Minecraft and a mummy combined.
  • This enemy resembles the Armless Man seen in the Silent Hill films.
  • This is similar to the Venom Spitter, Venom Nurse, and the Venom Soldier in terms of appearance, stats, behavior, and sound.

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