The Zombie is a very common enemy, and is one of the most basic enemies in the game.


The old Zombie model and texture.


Co-Op Points: 50


Damage: 3 Heart new

Health: 5 Heart new

Speed: Slow


Damage: 3 Heart new

Health: 7 Heart new

Speed: Slow


Damage: 3 Heart new

Health: 8 Heart new

Speed: Slow


It walks towards the player with moderate maneuvering skills. It attacks by swinging its right arm towards the player.


It wears a ripped white shirt with a hole in the side showing its internal organs and ribs. It also wears ripped blue shorts. The skin on part of its face seems to be missing, exposing the skull. It has red eyes.



  • It is one of the first and oldest mobs added in the game.
  • It resembles zombies from the game Minecraft by Mojang.
  • Players often refer it as the "Injured Zombie".

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