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The Killer Whale is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 13.2.1 update.


It appears to be a re-skinned Spark Shark.

It appears to resemble a mechanical killer whale, such as it's called. It is has a black and white base body, black fins, blue handle, blue batteries,


It has moderate damage, good fire rate, an okay capacity, and a fast mobility, However it works differently from it's counterpart. Like the 0xbadc0de is does not deal self damage.


  • It works different from it's counterpart, so change your strategy.
  • Use it in medium-close range encounters.
  • Use it to slow down enemies then finish them off with another weapon.
  • Though it has a good speed, it is better to have a faster melee weapon equipped like the Dark Force Saber.
  • This is a useful replacement for the _0xbadc0de# since it deals no self-damage while rocket-jumping. It also has a higher ammo capacity and reload speed.
  • This is useful while playing clan siege as you don't move that fast in that mode.
  • This weapon takes a while to reload so always have a backup.
  • Have a higher damaging weapon as it does not have the best damage.


  • Pick off it's users from safe distances.
  • Beware it has piercing-shots, so avoid using other players as meat shields.
  • Keep in mind even though it does not deal self-damage, it can still effectively kill it's enemies.
  • It takes a while to reload so use that time to kill them.
  • Unlike it's counterpart it has no area damage, so counter it with a weapon that has the missing attribute.


Animal themed

Supported Maps

Use this on siege for rocket jumps.

Weapon setups

Have a higher capacity weapon when it runs out.


  • Unlike it's other re-skins in the 13.2.1 update, this weapon works differently from it's predecessor.
  • It is one of the exact re-skins in the 13.2.1 update, along with other weapon re-skins.
  • It is one of the weapons where the weapon is modified to look like an animal/creature. (Ex: Double DragonTiger ClawsAlligator, and etc.)
  • It is based on the real life animal the orca or killer whale such as it's called.
  • Though it is not listed, this weapon has piercing shots.
  • Despite having self-knock-back, this has no area damage.